34th meeting of the MIG permanent technical sub-group (MIG-T)

25-26 October 2016, Room 2, Building 36, JRC, Ispra, Italy


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

[09:00 – 09:15] Welcome and approval of the agenda

[09:15 – 10:00] Minutes of the previous meetings (for discussion and agreement) and review of open action items

[10:00 – 10:45] Feedback from the INSPIRE Conference

  • Round table

[10:45 – 11:15] Coffee Break

[11:15 – 12:15] MIWP action status reports – 2016.1 Fitness for purpose – Analysis 

[12:15 – 12:45] Marine Pilot – Phase 1 (Paul Smits)

[12:45 – 14:15] Lunch 

[14:15 – 15:30] 2016.4 Theme-specific implementation issues – status report and discussion (Robert Tomas)

[15:30 – 16:00] Coffee Break

[16:30 – 17:30] MIWP-6 Registers and registries – status report and discussion (Michael Lutz)

[17:45] Bus transfer to Hotel

[20.00] Social dinner (to be paid by participants)

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

[9:00 – 10:00] List of priority data sets – status report and discussion (Joeri Robbrecht, Robert Tomas)

[10:00 – 10:15] Experiences with the Czech Open Data Portal (Jiri Polacek)

[10:15 – 10:30] Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices (Andrea Perego)

[10:30 – 11:00] Coffee Break

[11:00 – 12:30] Presentation on INSPIRE applications in the SDI4Apps, FOODIE and OTN projects 

[12:30 – 13:45] Lunch 

[13:45 - 14:00] Supporting GML complex features in QGIS and beyond (Christian Ansorge)

[14:00 – 15:30] Brainstorming about possible MIWP actions

  • Presentation: Brainstorming_new_MIWP_actions.pptx
  • Break-out groups
    • INSPIRE & Copernicus (Michael Lutz)
    • Making geoportal content easier to use (Robert Tomas)
    • INSPIRE & the digital economy (Vanda Nunes de Lima)
    • Implementing INSPIRE using new technologies (e.g. vector tiles) (Emilio Lopez)

[15:30 – 16:00] Coffee break

[16:00 – 16:30] Information points

[16:30 – 17:00] Conclusions and next steps


  • MIG-T members: Markus Jobst (AT), Ouns Kissiyar (BE), Nikolay Ivanov Petrov (BG), Andreas Hadjiraftis (CY), Jiri Polacek (CZ), Lenka Rejentova (CZ), Daniela Hogrebe (DE), Markus Seifert (DE), Lars Storgaard (DK), Sulev Õitspuu (EE), Emilio López (ES), Marc Leobet (FR), Marie Lambois (FR), Tomislav Ciceli (HR), Carlo Cipolloni (IT), Arvids Ozols (LV), Kurt Bonnici (MT), Ine de Visser (NL), Arvid Lillethun (NO), Marcin Grudzień (PL), Paulo Patrício (PT), Christina Wasström (SE), Tomaž Petek (SI), Jason King (UK), Tim Duffy (UK), Christian Ansorge (EEA), Daniela Cristiana Docan (EEA), Joeri Robbrecht (ENV), Michael Lutz (JRC), Robert Tomas (JRC), Vanda Nunes de Lima (JRC), Vlado Cetl (JRC)
  • Observers: Tomas Reznik, Karel Charvat, Tomas Mildorf (SDI4Apps, FOODIE and OTN projects), several members of the JRC INSPIRE team


Main conclusions and actions

Feedback from the INSPIRE Conference 

  • MIG-T congratulates EC and local organisers on well organized, well balanced (policy, technical, research) conference.
  • MIG-T notes that
    • there is considerable progress on actual implementations and tool support (from OS community and JRC);
    • there was a growing number of presentations on use of INSPIRE, but identifying users and user requirements is still an issue and, therefore, use of INSPIRE could be one of the main focuses for INSPIRE Conference 2017;
    • there was a growing number of presentations on open data;
  • welcomes that the environmental community as well as local administrations were more present and well integrated in the Conference;
  • recognizes eGovernment as an important use case;
  • MIG-T made several organizational proposals for the INSPIRE Conference 2017 (see Annex below)
  • [Actions]
    • EC to upload as quickly as possible the videos from the parallel sessions
    • All MIG-T members to share interesting presentations/sessions/workshops on the MIG-T collaboration platform (JRC to set up a space)

2016.1 Fitness for purpose – Analysis 

  • The timeline needs clarification – don't rush the analysis, but keep the 2017 deadline in mind
  • The action should start with analysing the rationale (the WHY)
    • not detailed technical issues – rather strategic, cross-cutting issues of implementation
    • but still important to provide actual evidence
    • methods for collecting input: sub-group experts, questionnaire, feedback on discussion paper
  • Simplification should focus on implementers and users (avoid rendering INSPIRE useless by over-simplification)
  • [Actions]
    • All to provide feedback on discussion paper by 4/11    
    • DG ENV to clarify timetable

Marine Pilot – Phase 1 

  • Technical Group – Data (DIKE sub-group) will take over the results from the pilot as a basis for further activities related to MSFD reporting based on INSPIRE.

2016.4 Theme-specific implementation issues 

  • Most MIG-T members said that active participation in day-to-day discussions on the TC platform is not feasible 
  • The MIWP14 subgroup (facilitators + MIG-T liaisons) will be reactivated to discuss/filter/select mature issues originated and proposed by facilitators. 
  • New MIG-T liaisons
    • topographic and cadastral reference data: Markus Jobst (AT)
    • atmospheric and marine: Anders Ryden (SE)
  • [Actions]
    • TC facilitators to mention new "hot issues" in monthly status update before virtual MIG-T meetings and deliver a detailed report of "hot issues" well (at least 4 weeks) before MIG-T face-to-face meetings (including also the "parked" change proposals).
    • JRC to publish TG corrigenda & identified IR issues
    • JRC to ask for nominations for remaining open liaison places 

MIWP-6 INSPIRE registry roles & procedures

  • Agreed assignment (for INSPIRE registry and RoR):
    • Register owner: EU
    • Register & registry manager: JRC
    • Submitting organizations: One per country (MIG-T or other nominated representative), MIWP-14/TC representatives, JRC, EEA and DG ENV 
    • Control body: Small permanent MIG sub-group of nominated register experts 
    • sub-group to report regularly to MIG
    • sub-group can escalate issues to MIG for discussion and approval, where appropriate
    • Register user: anyone
  • [Actions]
    • JRC to update discussion paper based on discussion
    • JRC to draft ToR for submitting organisations and control body

MIWP-6: Externally governed code lists

  • Agreed procedure:
    • code lists with items with resolvable http URIs: Use original URI  (and harvest information - Label, …) [this means a change to current TGs]
    • code lists with items without http URIs: Harvest information and create new URI in the http://inspire.ec.europa.eu namespace [no change to current TGs]
    • code lists with items with non-resolvable http URIs: Decide on case-by-case basis after discussion in control body – aim would be to use original URI, when there is confidence that provider will make URIs resolvable in the forseeable future [this could mean a change to current TGs]
  • [Actions]
    • JRC to add external values in the INSPIRE registry
    • JRC to contact providers of external code list providers

List of priority data sets

  • Update of list is appreciated
  • Metadata proposal to identify/monitor the datasets on the Geoportal needs further discussion. It is to be decided where to have this discussion, as a joint activity between actions 2016.2 and 2016.x (the upcoming action on the list of priority data sets) or as part of the proposed joint activity related to making the content of the Geoportal more usable.
  • [Actions]
    • ENV to share updated list (Excel table) for comments
    • ENV to share (and present) ENV-EEA scoping paper on INSPIRE and environmental reporting, once finalised

MIWP action brainstorming

  • INSPIRE & Copernicus
    • action description to be proposed to MIG in Dec aiming at problem analysis and "mini" joint work programme on INSPIRE & Copernicus
  • Making geoportal content easier to use
    • issues need to be discussed further, e.g. through a survey on national practices for filtering data in national portals
  • INSPIRE & the digital economy
    • issues to be discussed further, possibly also outside the MIG-T
  • Implementing INSPIRE using new technologies (e.g. vector tiles)
    • start list with "missing components"
    • describe "light" workflow for developing and sharing best practices


Detailed feedback from the INSPIRE Conference & suggestions for the 2017 Conference

  • Carlo (IT)
    • re-use of MIG outcomes (dashboard, validator, registry, ...)
    • start to see some reuse of INSPIRE data, but not too many. Much of the community still need to understand possible benefits
  • Sulev (EE)
    • OS developments look very promising as alternative to currently used ESRI platform
    • Centralised validation services eagerly awaited
    • best discussions during the breaks, difficult to find right presentation (topic didn't match the presentation)
    • Good that the conference was very compact
  • Jiri (CZ)
    • many important tools developed (manly by JRC)
    • focus on Annex III or also Annex I+II?
  • Tomas Reznik (CZ)
    • hackathon - showing some operational appllications (Frontex, Precision farming)
      • Issues: SOS could not deal with large data sets
      • recommendation: use (Geo)JSON instead of XML
    • Links between CitizenScience/VGI and INSPIRE, but only ad hoc - have more structured approach
  • Lenka (CZ)
    • appreciate technical workshops
    • TC face-to-face meetings were useful (better than just web)
    • useful to see JRC-developed tools - very useful for data providers
  • Emilio (ES)
    • Good opportunity for people in ES to know more about / get closer to INSPIRE
    • Concern of many mapping agencies: EC is more interested in Annex III than Annex I
  • Arvid (NO)
    • Good conference, maybe only have 3 days of main conference rather than 4
    • Need more debate in the plenaries
    • Still too little on real use of INSPIRE 
    • Technical presentations were good
      • New technologies for taking spatial data out of their "niche"
      • More out-of-the-box solutions for setting up services for data
      • Little about WMS and Atom, but a lot on WCS, SOS and combination with WFS
  • Paulo (PT)
    • Data set harmonisation from other countries
    • Data transformation: FME, WeTransform
    • Was expecting more tools supporting harmonisation process
  • Christina (SE)
    • PT: Good use of INSPIRE in Marine, even though specs are complex
    • Noise presentation
    • UN-GGIM presentations - Dominique was giving a good comparison between UN-GGIM:Europe and INSPIRE
    • NL: Different organisational structure and how that affects implementation approach
    • How to promote good results / applications / ... from projects
  • Markus (DE)
    • Well balanced, even if very dense
    • More objective CBA for INSPIRE
    • New topics, e.g. data protection, ... 
    • Technologies are getting more mature and wider capacity in MS
    • Future of infrastructures (SDW workshop)
  • Tomislav (HR)
    • make videos from parallel sessions available!
    • Focus seems to have been mainly on env issues
  • Marcin (PL)
    • good; should not join with other conferences (like GWF)
    • workshops very good -- have more next years
    • tools - JRC and OS solutions
    • have at least 20 min presentations (slot was too short)
  • Jason
    • What if we didn't have INSPIRE workshop
  • Andreas CY
    • Need more debate in the plenaries
    • Good technical discussions
    • More attention to social event
    • Personal data and privacy
    • WCS
  • Nikolay (BG)
    • Only one participant form their agency
    • extremely useful activity
  • Arvids (LV)
    • One of the best conferences
    • quite technical
    • lots of showcases for using OS software
    • Appreciate that focus shifted from Annex I to Annex II+III (soil, statistics, mineral resources, marine, ...)
    • Hide the complexity for users
    • What if we didn't have INSPIRE workshop
    • Like EE, considering to move from ESRI to OS solutions
  • Ine (NL)
    • What if we didn't have INSPIRE workshop
    • Many discussions about e-Reporting
    • Good to have it as a stand-alone conference
  • Marie (FR)
    • More (OS) software are looking into INSPIRE compliance
    • Lots of projects are using INSPIRE as a basis (data or data models)
  • Marc (FR)
    • Weight of open data (over INSPIRE implementation)
    • main use case now is eGovernment - "INSPIRE is eGovernment", maybe not yet, but it is the future
    • Robida - at the end the winner is Google... need to be able to protect our interest from Google
  • Lars (DK)
    • agency was well represented, including 2 heads of groups
    • liked focus on DSM and impact on "underground infrastructure"
    • Good to have focus on eReporting and on Copernicus
    • Good to see eGovernment and INSPIRE (ISA2)
    • Proposal for next conference: avoid "death by powerpoint" - have more guidelines on how to organise presentation (focus on conclusions)
  • Daniela (DE)
    • More implementation topics - meaning of "simplification" differs - be careful with the discussion - what helps the use of INSPIRE?
    • Discussion with eReporting community (e.g. noise presentation) good - but shows that streamlining with eReporting is crucial but not easy
    • Many tools to support INSPIRE implementation and use, including central tools by JRC - challenge: maintenance
    • Closing plenary was too late
  • Chris (EEA)
    • more and more user uptake, extensions 
    • eGovernment becomes more and more important
    • not much debate in the sessions
  • Daniela (EEA)
    • workshops 
    • poster session was ignored
  • Vlado (JRC)
    • impressed by number of newcomers
    • need to show more usage of INSPIRE
    • implementation is getting easier
  • Dragan (JRC)
    • technical workshops much better attended than thematic workshops (often more a session than a workshop)
  • Vanda (JRC)
    • INSPIRE better placed in the larger policy agenda of the EC (DSM, eGovernment, Copernicus, env reporting)
    • Several operational applications based on INSPIRE running in MS (underground networks, ...)
  • Ouns (BE)
    • Very good conference
    • Exchanges were very good, extensions, OS software, ...
    • Big improvement: inclusion of environmental community - possible ways for collaboration with other MS
    • Challenges:
      • user community is not well defined
      • Too many sessions to choose from
      • Danger of the conference: preaching to the converted
    • Achievement: if you can change the view of INSPIRE from "legal obligation" to "tool to solve problems"

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