43rd meeting of the MIG permanent technical sub-group (MIG-T)

Thursday, 28th of August 2017, 10:00-11:00 CEST

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[10:00-10:05] Welcome and approval of the agenda (Michael Lutz)

[10:10-10:10] Minutes of the previous meetings (for discussion and agreement) (Michael Lutz)

[10:10-10:20] MIWP actions status reports (MIWP action leaders)

[10:20-10:30] News from the MIG, Committee and the CT

  • Status Committee written procedure on IR changes
  • Status MIG written procedure on 2016.3 terms of reference

[10:30-10:45] Agenda and planning Face-to-face meeting

[10:45-11:10] Feedback INSPIRE Conference

[11:10-11:20] On-going standardisation activities

[11:20-11:30] AOB

  • Metadata TG v2.0 corrigenda

Draft MInutes


The minutes summarise the main conclusions and actions from the meeting. Actions are indicated in the minutes using the keyword [Action] and are tracked in the issue tracker.


Markus Jobst (AT), Ouns Kissiyar(BE), Nathalie Delattre (BE), Christine Najar (CH), Christine Najar (CH), Nicolas Hagemann (DE), Markus Seifert (DE), Lars Storgard (DK), Heidi Vanparys (DK), Arvids Ozols (LV), Jari Reini (FI), Marie Lambois (FR), Tamas Palya (HU), Martin Saliba (MT), Wideke Boersma (NL), Ine de Visser (NL), Ewa (PL), Marcin Grudzień (PL), Henrique Silva (PT), Christina Wasström (SE), Martin Tuchyna (SK), Tim Duffy (UK), Jason King (UK), Joeri Robbrecht (DG ENV), Angelo Quaglia (JRC), Michael Lutz (JRC)

Welcome and approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved without changes.

Minutes of the previous meetings

The minutes of the 42nd MIG-T meeting were endorsed as they currently stand on the wiki.

MIWP actions status reports

  • Action 2016.1 has been completed
  • Action 2016.2 has been completed.
    • The results from the Committee's written procedure suggests wide support for a revision of the reporting decision.
    • DG ENV, with support from the INSPIRE CT, will now draft a proposal for the revision. An early draft can probably already be shared with the MIG-T during the face-to-face meeting. The proposal will then be discussed in the MIG face-to-face meeting and INSPIRE committee meeting in December.
    • In parallel, a new action will be proposed to support the implementation of the new reporting system based on metadata, the monitoring dashboard and country fiches. After endorsement (hopefully in the MIG meeting in December), this action will kick-off in early 2018.
  • The terms of reference for a revised action 2016.3 are currently under consultation by written procedure. So far, only positive feedback and no major comments have been received.
    • Version 1.0 of the common validator was presented in a workshop and presentation at the conference. There is considerable interest in the tools since then.
    • Continuation of the development work is slightly delayed due to administrative issues. The development will follow the prioritisation resulting from the MIG survey:
      1. ATS and ETS for metadata TG v2.0
      2. ETS for View services (WMS and WMTS)
      3. Annex II data specifications
      4. Annex III data specifications
      5. Download services based on SOS and WCS
  • Action 2016.4
    • There were several meetings and workshops organised by the facilitators of the Thematic Cluster facilitators. Their conference reports will be shared with the MIG-T shortly.
    • There are some discussions in JRC to simplify the submission of feedback through a common landing page directing users to the different platforms (e.g. Thematic Clusters or the issue trackers for the registers submitting organisations or validator).
  • Action 2016.5 had its kick-off meeting on 4/9 during the INSPIRE conference. See meeting minutes for details and follow-up actions.
    • The next meeting of the sub-group is planned for mid-October in Copenhagen. The exact date will be fixed soon.
    • The Thematic Viewer shown at the kick-off meeting should be demo'ed also at the upcoming MIG-T meeting.

News from the MIG, Committee and the CT

  • Status Committee written procedure on IR changes
    • Feedback only from 10 MS, the remaining 18 MS support the EC proposal by tacit agreement
    • The proposed change to the IR on monitoring and reporting is generally supported.
    • Some MS think the IR on data interoperability should not be changed and the existing flexibility for implementation is sufficient, while other MS submitted detailed change proposals. The CT will evaluate these change proposals to see if they are within the scope of the proposed IR changes agreed by the EC hierarchy.
  • Status MIG written procedure on 2016.3 terms of reference
    • General approval of the proposed ToR so far, no major comments.
    • [Action] Please nominate national experts for the new sub-group supporting action 2016.3 - see #3012

Agenda and planning face-to-face meeting

  • Official invitations for the meeting will be sent out next week.
  • Christina proposed to discuss metadata standards to be used to implement the MD IRs at one of the next meetings. Michael suggested to discuss this topic at the next face-to-face meeting, so that it can be properly prepared.

Feedback INSPIRE Conference

  • The workshop and speed presentation formats, which focus on discussions with participants, are very useful and should be kept in future editions of the Conference.
  • Further feedback will be collected in a round-table discussion during the face-to-face meeting

On-going standardisation activities

  • Jari Reini presented the current status of the vote on the TJS SWG charter (26Yes, 2 Abstain, 57 Not Voted). Only 1-2 votes are needed to reach the quorum. [Action] Suggest to organisations that are OGC voting members to participate in this vote.
  • Christina informed about a Workshop on Integrating Geospatial and Statistical Standards, taking place from 6-8 November 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden
    • The objective of this workshop is to create an opportunity to highlight how geospatial data sources, methods, and standards can be integrated into the production of official statistics, and to identify a plan for future collaboration to support integration and interoperability of statistical and geospatial standards.
    • The workshop will provide an overview of the statistical and geospatial standards and models most relevant to this objective, It will also showcase recent developments in this area and identify challenges and solutions.
    • The target audience for this workshop includes experts:
      • On statistical and geospatial metadata;
      • On technical standards relevant to the modernisation of statistics; and
      • From national mapping, cadastral, statistical or environmental agencies.
  • The next ISO/TC 211 meeting will be held 27 November – 1 December in Wellington New Zealand. That meeting will be followed by the next OGC meeting in Palmerston North, New Zealand, 4-8 December, 2017.


  • Due to recent feedback on the INSPIRE validator and registry, we have identified some minor errors and inconsistencies in the MD TG v2.0.1. The JRC is considering to issue a bug-fix version 2.0.2 to fix these issues.
    • [Action] All to provide feedback on the open issue in the registry issue tracker #3008.
    • [Action] JRC to share proposed changes.
  • EuroGeographics (INSPIRE KEN), European Environment Agency, EuroSDR and the INSPIRE Thematic cluster LU-LC are organising a workshop on the topic “Land use/land cover products: challenges and opportunities” in Brussels on 15 November. The day after, 16 November, DG GROW organises a public stakeholder consultation that aims to present the planning of potential future Copernicus land products and to collect feed-back from stakeholders. Participants in this Land use /land cover workshop of the INSPIRE KEN are welcome to attend. If you are interested, please register before 01/11/2017 on: http://www.eurogeographics.org/event/land-useland-cover-products-challenges-and-opportunities