48th meeting of the MIG permanent technical sub-group (MIG-T)

11-12 April 2018
Room 2, building 36b, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra, Italy


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

9:00 – 9:15 Welcome and approval of the agenda [DOC-1_20180411-12_MIG-T_meeting_Ispra-draft_agenda.docx]

9:15 – 9:30 Minutes of the previous meetings (for discussion and endorsement) 

9:30 – 10:30 2016.5 Priority data sets and Thematic Viewer (for exchange of views) [PRES 1]

10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 – 12:00 2016.5 Priority data sets and Thematic Viewer (continued) 

12:00 – 12:45 2017.4 Validation and conformity testing (for information and exchange of views) [PRES-2_2017.4_Validation+Conformity_testing.pptx]

  • Demonstration of updated reference validator (incl. tests for Metadata TG v2.0 and View services)
  • Discussion of priorities for further development of the ETF test framework
  • Clarification of the ETF reference validator vs. the geoportal validator
  • Governance framework for the operation and maintenance of the INSPIRE Reference validator (service) and ETF software

12:45 – 13:45 Buffet lunch

13:45 – 14:30 Tools and procedures for M&R 2019 (for information and exchange of views) [PRES 3]

  • Planned tool support (dashboard and Country fiche editor)
  • Timeline and planning

14:30 – 15:30 Proposed changes to the IRs on data interoperability (for exchange of views)

15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break

16:00 – 17:00 Proposed changes to the IRs on data interoperability (continued)

17:00 – 17:30 2017.2 Alternative encodings (for exchange of views and endorsement) [DOC-3_Proposed_alternative_encodings_2017.2.pdf]

19:30 – 22:00 Social dinner (paid by participants)

Thursday, 12 April 2018

9:00 – 10:00 Good practice procedure (for exchange of views)

10:00 – 10:30 Spatial data on the web & INSPIRE (for exchange of views) 

  1. Datasets vs distributions (facilitator: Wideke, rapporteur: Emilio)
  2. Publishing data for download (facilitator: Morten, rapporteur: Marc)
  3. Making data discoverable through mainstream search engines (facilitator: Marcin, rapporteur: Ouns) [summary: SDW_search_engines.pptx]
  4. Linking data / Spatial data Identifiers (facilitator: Carlo, rapporteur: Heidi) [summary: SDW_PIDs.pptx]
  • Cross-cutting: Cost-benefit aspects (all)

10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 – 12:30 Spatial data on the web & INSPIRE (continued) 

  • Discussion of selected issues in break-out groups – World Café  (continued)
  • Report from break-out groups

12:30 – 14:00 Buffet lunch

14:00 – 14:30 Spatial data on the web & INSPIRE (for endorsement) 

  • Conclusions and next steps / recommendations to the MIG / MIWP proposals

14:30 – 15:45 Information points (for information) [PRES-4_Information_Points.pptx]

  • Status 2016.4/Thematic Clusters, incl. outcomes from 2016.4 meeting in March
  • Status 2017.1 Master Guidance
  • Status 2017.3 Better client support for INSPIRE data
  • INSPIRE training platform [PRES-4.1_GKB_Training_Platform.pptx]
  • INSPIRE support to Priority Action A of the ITS Directive on the Provision of EU-wide Multimodal Travel Information Services (MMTIS)
  • INSPIRE Conference 2018

15:45 – 16:15 Coffee break

16:15 – 17:00 Conclusions and next steps 

Draft Minutes


The minutes summarise the main conclusions and actions from the meeting. Actions are indicated in the minutes using the keyword [Action] and are tracked in the issue tracker.


Joeri Robbrecht (ENV), Darja Lihteneger (EEA), Helena Campbell (IE), Wideke Boersma (NL), Kjell Hjorth (SE), Andreas Hadjiraftis (CY), Arvid Lillethun (NO), Arvīds Ozols (LV), Carlo Cipolloni (IT), Danilo Furtado (PT), Emilio López Romero (ES), Gabriela Dragan (RO), Heidi Vanparys (DK), Ine de Visser (NL), Jari Reini (FI), Jason King (UK), Lars Erik Storgaard (DK), Lenka Rejentova (CZ), Marc Leobet (FR), Marcin Grudzień (PL), María Soledad Gómez Andrés (SE), Martin Tuchyňa (SK), Nathalie Delattre (BE), Nicolas Hagemann (DE), Ouns Kissiyar (BE), Panu Muhli (FI), Rene Agius (MT), Simona Daniela Bunea (RO), Sulev Õitspuu (EE), Tamás Palya (HU), Uroš Mladenovič (SI), Wolfgang Fahrner (AT), Morten Borrebæk (NO), Vilmus Thierry (FR), Soriano Sevilla Jose Enrique (Guadaltel), Michael Lutz, Robert Tomas, Alexander Kotsev, Vlado Cetl, Robin Smith, Andrea Perego, Lorena Hernandez, Angelo Quaglia, Daniele Francioli, Davide Artasensi (JRC)

Welcome and approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved as proposed.

Minutes of the previous meetings

The minutes of the 47th MIG-T meeting were endorsed without changes.

2016.5 Priority data sets and Thematic Viewer

From the current statistics shown during the presentation, it is clear that more actions and efforts are needed to increase the number of priority and Annex I data sets that are downloadable and viewable by users. Several issues were picked up that can help to improve situation, in particular to establish the linkages between data sets and services.

Several MS provided feedback and actively contributed to the discussion (e.g. feedback from DK: ThematicViewer_observations_DK.pptx). In general, the Thematic Viewer (TV) is appreciated as a move in the right direction. Also the support of the geoportal helpdesk team was widely appreciated by participants. Several participants reported that the exercise is time-consuming and that delays should be expected. Some MS note some concerns: the checks done by the Thematic Viewer should be better documented, in particular the additional checks for consistency and interoperability between data and services (which go beyond the requirements in the Metadata Technical Guidelines).

EEA reported on further developments in Priority datasets list which is now stable (version 2). JRC presented how to use the hierarchical code list for tagging priority data sets in the metadata, including possible integration in Geonetwork.

[Action] All MS to work on the identified issues in order to improve situation by mid-May.

[Action] All MS are invited to provide translations for the labels of the priority data set code list. These should be submitted through the national submitting organisation for the INSPIRE registry.

[Action] EC to fix the identified issues with codelist (date and title) and update instructions for tagging in the 2016.5 wiki.

[Action] EC to draft a document explaining the requirements for consistency between data sets and services, including a corresponding Abstract Test Suite.

[Action] DK to provide further inputs (figures) on linking datasets and services.

2017.4 Validation and conformity testing

The current status of the action and development of the ETF software and reference validator instance was presented. Several participants mentioned suggestions for improvement of the tool collected from national implementers. Such proposals should be submitted formally as proposed improvements through the relevant issue trackers on Github. Furthermore, the members of the 2017.4 sub-group shall acts as liaisons for the use of the validator in their countries by promoting the tool and forwarding user feedback.

The presentation also clarified that for validation, the reference validator, called ETF, should be used. Issues and differences between reference validator and the harvesting report issued by the INSPIRE geoportal / Thematic viewer should be reported to the geoportal helpdesk or the issue tracker of the validator.

The draft ToR for the governance of the open source project for the maintenance and evolution of the ETF software was discussed. [Action] Once agreed with the main stakeholders, JRC will share the ToR with the MIG-T.

[Action] 2017.4 sub-group to discuss/investigate the possibility to organise a workshop with national implementers to collect feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Tools and procedures for M&R 2019

ENV and JRC presented current ideas and functionalities of future system. Further development will depend on adoption of new M&R Regulation by MIG and INSPIRE Committee in June.

[Action] ENV and JRC to develop technical concept paper for future M&R.

Proposed changes to the IRs on data interoperability

The discussion papers for the identified high-level issues were discussed, with the aim of agreeing on a recommendation to the MIG on the way forward / preferred option.

Issues related to code lists and the INSPIRE registry

MIG-T agreed to the proposed option to remove the code list values from the IRs and to replace them with an explicit reference to the INSPIRE registry (option 2 in the discussion paper). The following aspect was raised in the discussion:

  • Where possible, the registry should also include values from externally governed code lists.

It could also be investigated whether also the enumerations can be removed (and replaced by code lists in the registry). This would, however, have implications also on the data models, since different basic types are used for enumerations (whose values are included in the schemas) and code lists (whose values are not included in the schemas).

Issues related to voidability and multiplicities

There was no clearly preferred option, with support by participants evenly split between options 1 (no IR change) and 3 (IR amendment removing the notion of "voidability"). The following aspects were raised in the discussion:

  • The assumption that all attributes listed in the IR have to be provided should be checked with the legal service, and the answer provided as a legal clarification.
  • The solution that makes implementation easier should be chosen. Also the impact on existing implementations should be taken into account.
  • If option 3 is chosen, it should also apply to non-voidable properties with a multiplicity of 0..*.
  • It should be further investigated for which use cases the distinction between a non-existent and an unknown value is important.
  • How would option 3 be implemented in the schemas? --> all properties would become optional (in the XML schema sense of the word)

Issues related to CRS and grids

For the CRS-related issues, in addition from the 2 options proposed in the discussion paper, a third option was proposed by FR and agreed by MIG-T as the preferred option: to set up CRS registry containing all CRS that are allowed in INSPIRE and to manage the proposal of additional CRS through a CRS control body under the governance of the MIG (according to the same principles proposed for code lists). Part of the proposal and endorsement procedure would need to be unique transformation parameters to other well-known CRSs. This would then allow the development of dedicated transformation tools or services that could be used by end users or applications to transform to and from the additional CRSs.

It was further clarified that data can already be made available in additional CRS that might be useful for users.

For grids, the MIG prefered oprion 3 (no IR change). Instead, additional grid systems (e.g. Spherical Mercator Grid) should be developed and discussed using the new good practice procedure.

Issues related to the data models for Statistical Units, Population Distribution & Demography and Human Health and Safety

MIG-T agreed to the proposed option 1b not to change the IR (except for some small corrigenda in the data model, e.g. issue 2.3.6: The SU data model is missing a SU-type attribute), but to develop additional representations in the Technical Guidance. The following aspects were raised in the discussion:

  • The proposal should be closely discussed and aligned with Eurostat.
  • Size of data sets may be an issues in some countries. Recommendations may be needed on what areas of dissemination to use.
  • Also the HH data model should be analysed.

2017.2 Alternative encodings

The results of a survey clearly show support for GeoJSON as a possible alternative encoding. In addition, also simplified GML, database formats (geopackage, PostGIS, ESRI Geodatabase) and linked data had significant support. Additional proposals include also GeoSciML as an alternative encoding for GE and MR.

In order to achieve concrete results within the remaining mandate of the action (until the end of 2018), it was agreed to focus activities in this action on:

  • developing an encoding rule for GeoJSON (as a first example)
  • developing generic rules / approaches for flattening the INSPIRE data models (which will be useful for a number of alternative encodings)
  • developing the overall procedure for proposing and endorsing additional encodings

The action will be open to observers, who may want to develop alternative encoding rules in parallel to the core activities of the action. Such parallel activities would however not be part of the "official" action deliverables.

[Action] JRC to establish a new subgroup for action 2017.2 with the agreed scope.

Good practice procedure

The good practice template presented and well accepted. [Action] JRC to further test-drive the new procedure by submitting the GeoDCAT-AP example into the agreed workflow for formal MIG endorsement in June.

Spatial data on the web & INSPIRE

The 4 discussion topics were introduced by their facilitators and discussed in World Café break-out groups.

[Action] Based on the conclusions, JRC will propose concrete follow-up actions for discussion in the next virtual MIG-T meeting.

Datasets vs distributions

  • Introductory pitch: Pitch_Wideke.pptx
  • Conclusions: SDW_distributions_vs_datasets.pptx
  • Proposed follow-up:
    • Clarification of how data sets and services are being linked in current ISO MD and how links are created in the INSPIRE geoportal.
    • Proposal to amend the use of the resource locator metadata element in the Metadata IR. [Action] DG ENV and NL to elaborate this proposal further for discussion by the MIG in June.

Publishing data for download

  • Introductory pitch: Pitch_Morten.pptx
  • Conclusions:
    • WFS 3.0 is a new draft OGC-ISO standard (one week old). It has not (yet) been implemented in usual tools. It offers no backward compatibility. The github address is : https://github.com/opengeospatial/WFS_FES
    • We have now to test it and get answers to some questions :
      • Is it compliant with the Network Service regulation? Does it manage real INSPIRE datasets?
      • What compliancy with Service oriented infrastructure?
      • What capacity to download large volumes of data?
      • Is it an answer to new communities (statistics, climate...)?
      • What are the real benefits for SDI managers and users?
      • What is the added value of WFS 3.0 vs OpenAPI+WFS 2.0 vs ESRI+API?
      • How to make SDI managers to trust it before to leave well-known WFS 2.0? Finland tested WFS 3.0 as a top layer over WFS 2.0 + proxy. It could be a good answer to the question by limiting risks for their users.
  • Proposed follow-up:
    • Add WFS 3.0 to the MIG-T work programme to avoid that every SDI manager has to face these questions on their own. The goal is to answer to these questions and to gather feedbacks from early-adopters.
    • When sufficient experiences will be made by early adopters, consider to create new TGs based on WFS 3.0. 

Making data discoverable through mainstream search engines

Linking data / Spatial data Identifiers

  • Introductory pitch: Pitch_Carlo.pdf
  • Conclusions: SDW_PIDs.pptx
  • Proposed follow-up: Investigate and document current practicies in MS and compare/categorize them.

Information points

  • Status 2016.4/Thematic Clusters
    • Evaluation meeting held 13-14/03 in JRC. All the information (ppts. facilitators reports, Minutes with agreed Actions etc.) including the results of the public user survey are available here.
    • A strategy paper for the future of the Thematic Clusters will be presented to the MIG meeting in June.
    • The TC platform will be updated (functionality and cleaning up of the content) in the coming months
  • Status 2017.1 Master Guidance
    • Work is ongoing. Draft document to be ready in September and final to be presented to MIG in December.
  • Status 2017.3 Better client support for INSPIRE data
  • New Study on the role of the Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Digital Transformation on Public Administration
    • The aim of the study is to evaluate in facts and figures INSPIRE as a building block of eGovernment and Digital Government + comparing and aligning the results with existing eGovernment related evaluations schemes and recommendations (e.g. OECD Recommendations for Digital Government).
  • INSPIRE training platform
    • There is the possibility to add existing trainings and/or provide translations / subtitles
  • INSPIRE support to Priority Action A of the ITS Directive on the Provision of EU-wide Multimodal Travel Information Services (MMTIS)
  • INSPIRE Conference 2018
    • Submission open till 15/04
    • No dedicated MIG-T meeting is planned during the conference

Conclusions and next steps 

The next MIG-T face-to-face meeting is planned for 24-25 October in Paris (TBC).

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