Maintenance and Implementation Work Programme -- Progress reports

MIWP-4 Managing and using http URIs for INSPIRE identifiers
Progress since last meeting • Kick-off meeting was in January. Work is underway in recruiting experts to document methodologies and share experience towards a common RDF vocab for INSPIRE
• Plans are made for forthcoming workshop
• State-of-play on RDF in INSPIRE countries and Persistent Identifiers (such as DoIs, URIs etc.) is underway
Plans for the next 3 months (incl. upcoming events) • Most the work will take place in the next 3 month period
• Three webinars are planned: 13 March for an introductory webinar to present evidence in the SoP and gather final examples (separate sessions morning and afternoon on RDF and PIDs planned with approx. 1 hr duration each); RDF Vocabulary discussion webinar 5 May and RDF Vocabulary discussion webinar 6 May (duration 1-2 hours foreseen)
• Work outline and initial progress will be presented at the Linking Geospatial Data Workshop, 5 - 6 March, London (UK)
• Outputs would require review and comments from the MIG, including in May/June towards any new (draft) INSPIRE encoding rule
Issues for discussion with the MIG MIG to identify experts/organisations working on RDF and PIDs in their countries to support work on the state-of-play- including activities outside of INSPIRE (to be also discussed with the ISA Working Group on Spatial Information and Services)
JRC to be notified of potential participants for the webinars
Possible problems or risks • Possible clashes of planned events- please tell us of any clashing events
• Focussed time period will require inputs from stakeholders in a timely way