From 28 Dec 2016 to 26 Jan 2017

26 Jan 2017

01:37 pm MIWP-Action #2127: 2016.3: Validation and conformity testing (previously MIWP-5)

Progress since the last meeting

The development version of the INSPIRE validator has been made available to vol...

Michael Lutz
09:12 am MIWP-Action #2136: 2016.4: Theme specific issues of data specifications & exchange of implementat...


The agreed corrigenda to the TGs have been published on the INSPIRE web site, together with the releva...

Michael Lutz

25 Jan 2017

05:41 pm MIWP-Action #2909 (Endorsed): 2016.5: Priority list of data sets for eReporting

The MIG members endorsed the action during the 5th MIG meeting on 30/11-1/12/2016, with some amendments agreed at the...

Michael Lutz
05:39 pm MIWP-Action #2909 (Work in progress): 2016.5: Priority list of data sets for eReporting

This issue is used to track progress of action 2016.5, according to the following schema.

Progress since the la...

Michael Lutz

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