Resources on RDF & Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) for INSPIRE

ARE3NA study on "RDF & PIDs for INSPIRE"

In the context of the ARE3NA project, a study has been carried out on "RDF and PIDs for INSPIRE". Please see the RDF and PIDs study's wiki page for further information and the final deliverables. These were available for review and testing until 30 September 2014. The final report is available from this link.

Other projects & initiatives


  • A Beginner’s Guide to Persistent Identifiers developed by GBIF (2011). 
    This guide is intended to cover the essential principles of Persistent Identifiers and demonstrate the requirements to start issuing and delivering Persistent Identifiers for biodiversity informatics datasets. The guide is aimed at the Persistent Identifier novice, highlighting pitfalls and suggesting useful tips to get up and running with identifiers. It also includes information explaining the costs and benefits of implementing Persistent Identifiers.
  • Designing URI Sets for Location developed by the British Chief Technology Officer Council (2011).
    This guide provides design considerations and guidance for the development and maintenance of linked-data Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) sets for Location data including: the publication of INSPIRE spatial-objects, associated linked-data vocabularies and for URI based thematic referencing of associated “real-world phenomena”.

RDF / Vocabularies