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Toggle_check # Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Author Tracker
3007NewNormalData import / LocalId in integer formatDaniele Francioli19 Jul 2017 02:32 pmEtienne TaffoureauBug
2992ResolvedNormalInstallation problems14 Jun 2017 05:13 pmEtienne TaffoureauSupport
2908NewNormalAdd application/x-ror-rdf+xml media type (from register federation BP+TG)Daniele Francioli24 Jan 2017 02:15 pmMichael LutzImprovement
2904NewNormalMedia types register - proposed change for application/gml+xmlEmanuela Epure18 Jan 2017 05:37 pmMichael LutzBug
2895NewNormalProblems installing registryDaniele Francioli05 Feb 2018 02:28 pmMichael ÖstlingBug
2816NewNormalReference Habitat Type Code html page error21 Jul 2016 11:41 amFabio VinciBug
2669ResolvedNormal[Registry service support] DesignationValue html page errorDaniele Francioli27 Jan 2016 09:14 amFabio VinciBug
2621NewNormal[Re3gistry Support] Re3gistry question (rdf,skos)26 Nov 2015 04:18 pmDaniele FrancioliSupport
2619NewNormal[Re3gistry Support] Re3gistry installation problem - ECAS configuration03 Dec 2015 02:33 pmDaniele FrancioliSupport
2617NewNormal[Re3gistry Support] Re3gistry installation problem26 Nov 2015 11:37 amDaniele FrancioliSupport
2417NewNormalGazetter in registry11 May 2015 10:36 amDaniele FrancioliFeature
2390NewNormalUsing the Re3gistry to publish Core VocabulariesDaniele Francioli08 May 2015 09:18 amMichael LutzSupport
2247ProposedLowCorrection for the definition of Waterway in EU1089/2010 and fearture concept registerMichael Lutz16 Mar 2015 12:09 pmChris SchubertFeature
2201SubmittedNormalcodelists in SKOSAndrea Perego12 Sep 2014 03:29 pmBenoit DavidFeature
2198SubmittedNormallanguage of label and definition in the glossary registerMichael Lutz16 Mar 2015 12:09 pmBenoit DavidBug
2197SubmittedNormalIn an XML export of a document, the language property is incorrectly usedEmanuela Epure01 Aug 2014 03:10 pmBenoit DavidFeature
2195SubmittedNormallanguage of labels of reference documentsMichael Lutz16 Mar 2015 12:09 pmBenoit DavidBug
2194SubmittedNormaldefinition of reference document registerMichael Lutz16 Mar 2015 12:09 pmBenoit DavidBug
2175FeedbackNormal not foundBenoit David17 Jun 2015 06:51 pmBenoit DavidBug


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