CSV format proposal

CSV separator

We choose for the CSV format separator the “|” character, the same used in the CSV to upload on the data import in the Re3gistry software.
We avoid choosing the comma “,”, because mostly in the description, or definition of the items is always present.

CSV Header

The CSV file contain all the information taken from the database for each of the item. The order of the header is the same such as in the HTML format.

We add just the items in the table because we cannot represent in the same file also the parent because usually is of a different type with different information.

Each of the files CSV contains the standard/custom fields:
1. ID
2. Language
3. Label
4. Definition
5. Description
6. Custom attributes (Theme, Application schema, Extensibility ID and label, External Reference Governance Body, External Reference Link, Reference source, Reference link, UML Name).
7. Status ID and label
8. Hierarchy (Parent) ID and label
9. Successor, Predecessor IDs

We represent the ID and also the Label of relations in order to have all the information if you need to look for the relation in the INSPIRE Registry.

Where to find the CSV format

Addition of the CSV format just on the pages of the registry, register and items which contains respectively register, items, collection/children items, which means that the CSV format will be available just on the HTML pages which contains tables, because we represent just the content of the table.
We have the icon for downloading the CSV file in the row with the others formats.


In the example below there is the HTML of the Geometry Specification codelist containing 15 code list value in the table.

You can find the same codelist on the testing instance or in the production and an example of how could look a CSV example of the same codelist


ID|Language|Label|Definition|Description|Governance level ID|Governance level Label|Codelist ID|Codelist label|Reference Source|Reference Link|Status ID|Status label|Parent ID|Successor ID|Predecessor ID
http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/codelist/GeometrySpecificationValue/addressArea|en|address area||Position derived from the related address area.|http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/registry/governance-level/eu-legal|Legal (EU)|http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/codelist/GeometrySpecificationValue|Geometry Specification|||http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/registry/status/valid|Valid|||
http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/codelist/GeometrySpecificationValue/adminUnit4thOrder|en|admin unit 4th order||Position derived from the related administrative unit of 4th order.|http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/registry/governance-level/eu-legal|Legal (EU)|http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/codelist/GeometrySpecificationValue|Geometry Specification|||http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/registry/status/valid|Valid|http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/codelist/GeometrySpecificationValue/adminUnit1stOrder, http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/codelist/GeometrySpecificationValue/adminUnit2ndOrder||
http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/codelist/GeometrySpecificationValue/utilityService|en|utility service||Position aims at identifying a point of utility service.|http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/registry/governance-level/eu-legal|Legal (EU)|http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/codelist/GeometrySpecificationValue|Geometry Specification|||http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/registry/status/valid|Valid|http://dev-inspire-new.ies.jrc.it/codelist/GeometrySpecificationValue/building||


File system

The Re3gistry software is using the same technology to produce the CSV files, such as the other formats XSL, JSON, ATOM, HTML, ISO 19135, RDF.

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