INSPIRE registry ISO XML format

Status of this document

This report describes the current status of work on the ISO XML representation of records served by the Re3gistry and the INSPIRE Registry.

This specification is still work in progress, and it must be considered as unstable until the publication of its final version.


This format uses the original ISO 19135-1 XML encoding without any extension. All the information required by the ISO 19135-1 XML format has been filled by the INSPIRE registry data, without additional fields or XML encoding changes from the original ISO 19135-1 standard format.

Some information contained in the INSPIRE registry has no corrispondence in the ISO 19135-1 XML fields: these information not available in the standard ISO format, have been omitted.

Fields mapping

The following table present a mapping between the ISO 19135-1 mandatory fields and the INSPIRE registry XML fields.

XML re3gistry XML ISO 19135 Notes
RE_Register/name register/label  
RE_Register/contentSummary register/contentsummary  
RE_Register/uniformResourceIdentifier register@id  
RE_Register/operatingLanguage register/language This is the language of the current file. The INSPIRE registry has one file for each language: the same approach as been used or the ISO XML files: one file for each language. The operatingLanguage rapresent the file's language
RE_Register/alternativeLanguages not applicable This information has been omitted; the INSPIRE registry has one file for each language. THis field is set as gco:nilReason="inapplicable"
RE_Register/owner register/owner  
RE_Register/submitter register/submitter  
RE_Register/containedItemClass register/containeditems/<item-name>/itemclass The item calss of the contained item in the different registers. <item-name> depend on the register (for example for the codelist register is "codelist")
RE_Register/manager register/manager  
RE_Register/containedItem register/containeditems The item contained in the register
RE_Register/containedItem/RE_RegisterItem/itemIdentifier register/containeditems/<item-name>@id This field had been set as gco:nilReason="inapplicable" in the ISO XML format because the data type is integer whereas the INSPIRE registry IDs are a string. The ID is provided as the attributo of the parent field "containedItem" as xlink:href="http://..."
RE_Register/containedItem/name register/containeditems/label  
RE_Register/containedItem/status register/containeditems/status  
RE_Register/containedItem/definition register/containeditems/definition  
RE_Register/containedItem/description register/containeditems/descriptions  
RE_Register/containedItem/itemClass register/containeditems/itemclass