Translations of TG code list values

The next release of the INSPIRE registry will contain also the recommended code list values included in the Technical Guidelines. Since these values are not included in the Implementing Rules (which are available in all EU languages), we have no translations for the English labels, definitions and descriptions.

The attached table CodeListValue.xls contains all code list values included in the IRs and TGs, including their multi-lingual (for IR values) and English (for TG values) labels, definitions and descriptions. In the spreadsheet there are several columns that can help you filtering the content,  for example by "theme" or by "application schema".

We would appreciate receiving translations of the TG-values (filter for “eu-technical” in the “governance” column) for other languages than English and will include them in future releases of the INSPIRE registry.

Please upload a copy of the translation table with the additional translations as an attachment to this page (feel free to remove the other language columns to make the file smaller).

Thanks a lot for your help.

The INSPIRE Registry team

CodeListValue.xls (7.47 MB) Lorena Hernandez Quiros, 05 Jun 2015 08:38 am

CodeListValue_base20150617_corrected for eu-technical.xls - german labels and descriptions for the contained elements hat an errorneous replacement of the characters "tg" with "eu-technical" (68.5 KB) Tilman Brock-Hesse, 17 Jun 2015 06:36 pm