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2556NewNormalMultiplicity for Activity Classifications of Facilities/Activity Complex05 Nov 2015 11:59 amAngel LopezCorrigendum
2555NewNormalCode list under Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions05 Nov 2015 11:46 amAngel LopezCorrigendum
2554NewNormalcrossTheme utility network type missing05 Nov 2015 11:30 amAngel LopezCorrigendum
2553NewNormalUtilitityNetwork has constraint that cannot be satisfied.05 Nov 2015 11:09 amAngel LopezCorrigendum
2552NewNormalTHEME GEOLOGY: Request to change 18 INSPIRE registry URI values16 Nov 2015 01:57 pmAmelia BaptieCorrigendum
2551NewNormalTypo in the theme-specific requirement on Land Cover [LC]Robert Tomas03 Nov 2015 03:41 pmLena Hallin-PihlatieCorrigendum
2550NewNormalExclude the references to the 'Core' model [LC]03 Nov 2015 03:39 pmLena Hallin-PihlatieCorrigendum
2549NewNormalExclude references to the old CorineValue code list [LC]Robert Tomas03 Nov 2015 03:38 pmLena Hallin-PihlatieCorrigendum
2548NewNormalExclude duplicated text in the Introduction of the Encoding rules for TIFF and JPEG 2000 file formats (Annex J) [LC]Robert Tomas03 Nov 2015 03:37 pmLena Hallin-PihlatieCorrigendum
2547NewNormalClarification of the LC code list versus the LC documentation [LC]Robert Tomas03 Nov 2015 03:34 pmLena Hallin-PihlatieCorrigendum
2544NewNormalProvision of inexistent URI in example in Section "Definition of the grid" (Equal area grid)Robert Tomas03 Nov 2015 02:35 amJordi EscriuCorrigendum
2543NewNormalRevise definition and references of terms included in Section 2.4 "Terms and definitions" of TG on GGRobert Tomas03 Nov 2015 02:02 amJordi EscriuCorrigendum
2542NewNormalCorrection of Bookmark error in ToC - TG GGRobert Tomas10 Dec 2015 02:39 pmJordi EscriuCorrigendum
2541NewNormalComplete table of http URIs for the default CRS (Issue 1)Robert Tomas10 Dec 2015 03:57 pmJordi EscriuCorrigendum
2540NewNormalRevise definition and references of terms included in Section 2.4 "Terms and definitions" of TG on CRSRobert Tomas03 Nov 2015 01:10 amJordi EscriuCorrigendum
2539NewNormalCorrection of typos / bookmarks in ToC - TG RSRobert Tomas03 Nov 2015 01:49 amJordi EscriuCorrigendum
2538NewNormalProvision of inexistent URIs in Chapter 4 "Identification information" (All TGs)Robert Tomas03 Nov 2015 02:37 amJordi EscriuCorrigendum
2537NewNormalClarification of the Transverse Mercator projections allowed in INSPIRERobert Tomas03 Nov 2015 12:18 amJordi EscriuCorrigendum
2536NewNormalCorrection of inconsistencies/errors found in Annex E “Encoding rules for TIFF and JPEG 2000 file formats (Issue 1) - INSPIRE TG on OIRobert Tomas10 Dec 2015 04:15 pmJordi EscriuCorrigendum
2535NewNormalMove guidelines on recommended MD elements "Process step" and "Data source" to common section about "Lineage" (EL & OI TGs)Robert Tomas02 Nov 2015 11:56 pmJordi EscriuCorrigendum
2534NewNormalClarify structure of coverage encoding-related sections in TGs - "Default encoding(s)" and "Alternative encoding(s)"Robert Tomas03 Nov 2015 12:01 amJordi EscriuCorrigendum
2531NewNormalEncoding a UtililtyNetwork in GML: authorityRole Angel Lopez22 Oct 2015 06:27 pmAngel LopezCorrigendum
2529NewNormalRevise SR technical guidelines to correct data model20 Oct 2015 06:16 pmKeiran MillardCorrigendum
2528NewUrgentData in non-supported representations20 Oct 2015 06:23 pmKeiran MillardCorrigendum
2527NewNormalRevise SR technical guidelines to correct data model20 Oct 2015 06:18 pmKeiran MillardCorrigendum

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