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2597NewNormalHarmonise extensibility of code listsAn harmonisation of the extensibility used in the codelists is needed, given the misalignments present among Technical Guidelines, Implementing Rules, UML models, Registry. This issue has been reported for the INSPIRE Environmental Monitoring Facilities but it could be present in other themes. In case of EMF, the extensibility should be defined as "none", as described in the UML model and the values be included in the INSPIRE Registry. 18 Nov 2015 12:56 am
2464NewNormalRemove restriction to reporting data from description of ReportToLegalActIn the description of the ReportToLegalAct data type, the following sentence shall be removed (in the data specification, UML data model repository and XML schema): From INSPIRE perspective, an AbstractMonitoringFeature requires the provision of ISO 19156 compliant observations & measurements only in the case that these have been required by a legal reporting obligation or a commonly agreed voluntarily data flow using INSPIRE EF dataspecification for the definition of datastructure.DG Environment08 Sep 2015 06:14 pmn/a


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