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Toggle_check # Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Author Tracker
2600NewNormalTHEME Minerals: proposed changes to codelists10 Nov 2015 11:11 amAmelia BaptieCorrigendum
2597NewNormalHarmonise extensibility of code lists18 Nov 2015 12:56 amAlessandro SarrettaCorrigendum
2596NewNormalHow to manage the transition from a Sites of Community Importance (SCI) designation type to a Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) designation type09 Nov 2015 01:23 pmBrian MacSharryCorrigendum
2595NewNormalDesignationSchemaValue: need to aware of exisiting validation processes09 Nov 2015 01:23 pmBrian MacSharryCorrigendum
2594NewNormalHow to handle geometries with multiple designations09 Nov 2015 01:23 pmBrian MacSharryCorrigendum
2593NewNormalWrong value type of Geometry attribute in StatisticalGridCell [SU]06 Nov 2015 02:56 pmMiroslaw MigaczCorrigendum
2592NewNormalEndorsing ELF extensions within INSPIRE06 Nov 2015 02:55 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2591NewNormalNew featureType for StatisticalValue in Population Distribution [PD]06 Nov 2015 02:53 pmMiroslaw MigaczCorrigendum
2590NewNormalGN - Revise code list for attribute "type" of feature type NamedPlace06 Nov 2015 02:30 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2589NewNormal9.2 Encoding06 Nov 2015 02:25 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2588NewNormalPortrayal - Align definition of style description units06 Nov 2015 02:21 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2587NewNormalTN Road - Description of attribute direction to be corrected06 Nov 2015 02:19 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2586NewNormalTN Rail - Remove duplicate attribute "fictitious" in TN-Rail xml schema06 Nov 2015 02:18 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2585NewNormalTN Road - Introduce additional attribute for harmonised functional road class06 Nov 2015 02:15 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2584NewNormalUpdate the INSPIRE Network06 Nov 2015 02:13 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2583NewNormalTN Road - Revise the codelist FormOfWay: revise definition of tractor, add path/track and stairs06 Nov 2015 02:11 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2582NewNormalGeneral - Replace LocalisedCharacterString by PT_Freetext06 Nov 2015 02:08 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2581NewNormalGeneral - Provide reference to a register for locales 06 Nov 2015 02:10 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2580NewNormalGN - add reference name and population figure for PopulatedPlace06 Nov 2015 02:03 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2579NewNormalBU - introduce attribute for total number of floors with optional information for number of floors above and below ground06 Nov 2015 02:00 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2578NewNormalBU - correct the multiplicity for building and building part06 Nov 2015 01:59 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2577NewNormalBU - Clarification of attribute type dateTime06 Nov 2015 01:57 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2576NewNormalBU - improve the default styles for building and buildingParts 06 Nov 2015 01:56 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2575NewNormalBU - revise BuildingsExtended2D and endorse as official INSPIRE schema 06 Nov 2015 01:54 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum
2574NewNormalAD - move multiplicity of Locator from [1..*] to [0..*], in order to fit with real-world06 Nov 2015 01:52 pmAnja HopfstockCorrigendum

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