3rd Virtual Meeting MIG temporary sub-group on Validation and conformity testing

24th March 2015

virtual connection detail

Proposed Agenda 14:30 -15:30 (CET)

14:30 - 14:45 (Carlo Cipolloni)

  • Task overview and composition
  • Actions to take on the MD+NS documents
  • Actions to take on the other ATS documents
  • The importance of new subTask on Map requirements in MD IR to requirements in MD TG

14:45 - 15:20 (Responsibles of subTask)

Each responsible has 3 minute to describe our action plan for the subtask:

  • ST 1.2 Peter Parslow
  • ST 1.3 Giacomo Martirano
  • ST 2.1 Christian Ansorge
  • ST 2.3 Daniela Hogrebe (Overview about existing tools and solutions)
  • ST 2.5 Ilkka Rinne
  • ST 2.6 Robert Tomas
  • ST 3.1 Paul Hasenohr
  • ST 3.2 ?
  • ST 3.3 Sven Böhme
  • ST 3.4 ?
  • ST 3.5 Carlo Cipolloni

15:20 - 15:30 (Carlo Cipolloni - Michael Lutz)

INSPIRE Workshop on validation



Carlo Cipolloni, Alejandra Sánchez, Christian Ansorge, Tim Duffy, Peter Parslow, Thijs Brentjens, Antonio Rotundo, Giacomo Martirano, Sven Böhme, Paul van Genuchten, Iurie Maxim, Dolors Barrot, Freddy Fierens, Robert Tomas, Alberto Belussi, Ilkka Rinne, Tomas Reznik, Daniela Hogrebe, Etienne Taffoureau.

The meeting has started with Carlo that has presented the new tasks plan composition and explained, which are the start documents available at the moment expecially coming from expert team lead by Ilkka. See spreadshseet for status, and also for the new subTasks on Map requirements in MD IR to requirements in MD TG.

Input ATS is report provided by the expert group lead by Ilkka.

Carlo asks to each sub-task responsible to show the work programme.

ST 1.2 Peter Parslow

  • Draft by Peter on the wiki since a while
  • [participants] check participant lists in column H of spreadshseet
  • [participants] review the document

ST 1.3 Giacomo Martirano

  • Report from last OGC meeting on 11/3/2015 in Barcelona:
    • In 1 month; draft for feedback ready to check the direction of this task.

ST 2.1 Christian Ansorge (use cases)

  • Cascading subtasks
  • [participants] Give feedback if additional characteristics of the use cases are required in the form.
  • Next:         
    • contribute to the use cases list
    • Webconf to refine

ST 2.3 Daniela Hogrebe

ST 2.5 Ilkka Rinne

  • Scheduled for September 2015.
  • Proposes small WS on the web to discuss the overall architecture and the software project to result in the software components for the validator.
  • Agree on how the software would work: library with an API, installation by JRC, modular structure (MD, data, services, quality of service etc.). Not all implementations will need all modules.
  • User IF: included or not in this task or part of the Geoportal?
  • Governance of the implementation project, funding etc.
  • [CC] workshop in the INSPIRE conference: opportunity to discuss.

ST 2.6 Robert Tomas

  • Meeting with thematic clusters took place. Task to collect the data validation (schematron) rules from their communities (). ETA: end of April 2015.

ST 3.1 Paul Hasenohr ( Carlo manages discussion)

  • Starting document by expert group.
  • Input from MIWP-8, e.g.
  • [CC] Make sure that MIWP-8 and task 3.1 are not duplicating effort

ST 3.2 ? (no responsible has assigned at the moment)

ST 3.3 Sven Böhme

  • Input from Martin (CZ)?
  • (right ST?) Coordination to start mid-April 2015, ETA result: mid-May 2015

ST 3.4 ? (no responsiblehas assigned at the moment)

  • [Ilkka] ATS for WFS still missing.
  • [participants] look at the ATS report from the expert group as starting point.
  • [CC to Tim Duffy]: add someone from UK to this group? TD answer : “Yes Carlo I will add someone to the list” “who is the lead for this task?”. [CC]
  • [CC] we need to identify a person to lead the activity, also in this case Carlo will explore it with JRC.

ST 3.5 Carlo Cipolloni

  • Two pilots starting: one on PS drives by EEA with EPSIT and another on NRZ drives by ISPRA with JRC and EPSIT.
  • Some input and proposal are welcome.

Chat minute:

Christian (EEA): Terrible echo and noise!

Christian (EEA): Please unmute if you are not speaking, thx! :-)

Mig-Sub -Groups: I ask to all to unmute microphone there is an echo that will go back

Alejandra (Spain): Hello to everybody

Dolors Barrot: Hi Alejandra

Alejandra (Spain): Hi Dolors

Christian (EEA): Paul Hasenohr isn't available today

Tim Duffy (UK): Tim can't hear presume you all can - will be my problem?

Daniela Hogrebe & Sven Boehme (DE) 2: we have problems to dial-in...

Ilkka Rinne: Yes I can hear you

Thijs Brentjens (Geonovum, NL): Yes I can here you

Tim Duffy (UK): thank you - then I just can;t hear Carlo - will work on it.

Antonio Rotundo (IT): Hi everybody

Daniela Hogrebe & Sven Boehme (DE): now it works :-)

Alejandra (Spain): I have problems to hear

Tim Duffy (UK): Tim is goign to leave and rejoin as he can;t hear anyone

Giacomo Martirano (IT): Sorry Carlo, could you please speak a little bit louder?

Daniela Hogrebe & Sven Boehme (DE): yes

Antonio Rotundo (IT): yes

Giacomo Martirano (IT): yes

Thijs Brentjens (Geonovum, NL): yes

Etienne Taffoureau (FR): yes

Dolors Barrot: Yes

Christian (EEA): Confirm for EEA side

Ilkka Rinne: Paul: would you be interested?

Paul van Genuchten  (nl/gn): yes i am

Giacomo Martirano (IT): I would be happy to look at the document and provide comments to Peter

Giacomo Martirano (IT): I like the format

Giacomo Martirano (IT): I would lke to use the Christian's template also in the frame of ST 1.3

Ilkka Rinne: I think we lost Carlo

Christian (EEA) 2: Reconnected

Peter Parslow: We have lost our leader!

Antonio Rotundo (IT): +1

Alejandra (Spain): +1

Ilkka Rinne: yes

Antonio Rotundo (IT): yes

Thijs Brentjens (Geonovum, NL): yes

Daniela Hogrebe & Sven Boehme (DE): yes

Alejandra (Spain): yes

Alberto Belussi (IT): yes

Ilkka Rinne: Carlo: the document is not shared anymore

Tim Duffy (UK): can u hear me carlo

Tim Duffy (UK): Yes Carlo I will add someone to the list certainly the lead is?

Giacomo Martirano (IT): No thanks :)

Tomas Reznik (CZ): http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/17538947.2015.1019581