7th Virtual Meeting MIG temporary sub-group on Validation and conformity testing 20 January 2016

20th January 2016

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Proposed Agenda 14:00 -16:00 (CET)

14:00 - 14:10 Introduction on the ATS comments deadline  (Carlo Cipolloni)

14:10 - 15:10 Comments received on ATS and their classification (Michael Lutz)

15:10 - 15:40 Planning of consultation / next steps (Carlo Cipolloni & Michael Lutz)

15:40 - 16:00 AoB

Draft Minutes 


Peter Parslow (UK), Daniela Hogrebe (DE), Christian Ansorge and Paul Hasenohr (EEA), Ilkka Rinne (Spatineo), Kent Jonsrud (NO), Tomas Reznik (CZ), Antonio Rotundo, Giacomo Martirano, Carlo Cipolloni (IT), Clemens Portele (ii), Emidio Stani (PwC), Robert Tomas, Freddy Fierens, Michael Lutz (JRC).

Carlo has presented the ATS comments plan with the deadline that is also discussed during the meeting in consideration of some actions to do.

Michael has presented the ATS comments classification table and the comments are analysed one by one asking to submitter to explain the request; an extra explaination will be provided by them to consolidate the comments and prepare the documents to send out for the consultation.

Main Conclusions

  • The ATSs will be updated as proposed in the Classification table before submitting them for MS consultation.
  • The ATS for SDS will be updated to reflect the proposed updated guidelines. It will be submitted into consultation when available.
  • The ATS for MD will be based on the current TG version. An additional ATS should be created for the proposed update of the TG (when available).
  • For the consultation, an HTML or PDF document will be created from the Github MD files. A possible tool is http://pandoc.org/. If you are aware of other tools for a MD-HTML/PDF conversion, please inform JRC.
  • During the MS consultation, ii/PwC will review the ATSs from the viewpoints of 
    • clarity (are the descriptions clear enough to allow implementation?) and
    • feasibility (are the proposed tests implementable?)
  • The ATSs will be submitted to both MIG-T and MIG-P in parallel. The MIG representatives will be encouraged to involve the implementers of national validators (where available) in the review.
  • The timetable for the consultation will be as follows:
    • Incorporate MIWP-5 comments into ATSs and launch MS consultation (JRC): 29/01/2016
    • MS review (5 weeks) (MS): 04/03/2015
    • MIWP-5 comment resolution meeting (MIWP-5): week 14-18/03/2016 (doodle: http://...)
    • Resolution of comments using the Github issue tracker (4 weeks) (PwC/ii, JRC & MIWP-5 members): 31/03/2016


  • Carlo to launch a doodle for the MIWP-5 comment resolution meeting in March (21/01/2016)
  • JRC to incorporate MIWP-5 comments into ATSs and launch MS consultation (29/01/2016)