MD+NS workshop group status 2014-12-19

INSPIRE Validation MD & NS status meeting
Fri 19th Dec 2014 at 09:00 - 10:00 CET

Online at


  • Thijs Brentjens,
  • Sven Böhme,
  • Freddy Fierens,
  • Michael Lutz,
  • Angelo Quaglia,
  • Ilkka Rinne (facilitator),
  • Marcus Sen,
  • Paul Van Genuchten

Draft minutes:

1. Quick work status for each group member

Each member present presented the work they had done since the Ispra meeting, and the plans they had for continuing the work in December-January.

Angelo had primarily been working with the domain specific language for the tests.

Marcus had not had much work time for this project, mainly clarifications on the contract issues.

Sven had created a draft of the split of the View Service TG requirements for scenarios 1 (external metadata record) and 2 (embedded MD elements) containing also the information about whether the requirement can be automatically validated or not. Sven will split the excel sheel into two document (WMS & WMTS) and post them to the corresponding Github repositories (ats-view-wms and ats-view-wmts). Sven will work on drafting the ATS mostly before the end of the year.

Thijs had not had much time for this work after the Ispra meeting. He can spend about 2 days before the end of the year, and 4 more next year.

Paul had submitted the initial ATS text versions to the Github ats-metadata repository originating from the GDI-DE validator documentation. The text still needs work. He will be able to contribute in January.

Ilkka had created the Github repositories and the ATS template using markdown syntax. He will work with Sven to write the tests for View Service requirements. He can spend about 1 day for this before the end of the year.

2. Working in groups

Groups agreed in Ispra (with main focus of input):

  a) Download Services: Marcus Sen (WFS), Michael Schultz and Thijs Brentjens (Atom)

  c) Metadata: Paul Van Genuchten and Etienne Taffoureau

  b) View Services: Sven Böhme (WMS) and Ilkka Rinne (WMTS)

Each group should agree between themselves on the following:

  • Decide which parts of the TG / which requirements will be covered by which ATS tests?
  • Distribute the work inside each group
  • Add an issue for each of the TG Requirements (or other requirement not mentioned explicitly in the TG text) to ATS specific Github repository and assing a responsible person for each of them.

Angelo noted that it would be good to have an overview of the status and progress of the work for each TG and test suite. Having the fine-grained issue list should help in making this more visible.

3. Other business

A question was raised about whether we should also include the Data Specification requirements considering the Network Services in the ATS work (portrayal etc.). It was agreed that it would be good to include them, but due the large number of the DS documents, we should first try this out with just a few DS documents. It was also decided that this has lower priority than covering the TG requirements.

4. Next status meeting

Ilkka wil set up a Doodle for the next status meeting in the last part of January


[After meeting / email discussion]:

Michael Schultz: will contact Marcus & Thijs directly on sharing the work

Etienne: will contact Paul directly for sharing the January metadata work