MD+NS workshop group status 2015-01-19

INSPIRE Validation MD & NS status meeting
Mon 19th Jan 2015 at 14:10 - 15:15 CET

Online at

Draft Minutes:


  • Sven Böhme,
  • Freddy Fierens,
  • Angelo Quaglia,
  • Ilkka Rinne (facilitator),
  • Antonio Rotunda
  • Etienne Taffoureau,
  • Paul Van Genuchten

1. Status of the ATS drafting work

Download Services: Marcus Sen (WFS), Michael Schultz and Thijs Brentjens (Atom)

The status on the progress for Download Services ATS drafting work was not left a bit unclear, because none of the assigned people were present at the meeting. Ilkka will contact Marcus, Michael S. and Thijs after the meeting for more information.


Metadata: Paul Van Genuchten and Etienne Taffoureau

Paul reported, that the tests in the metadata repository cover about 100% of the TG requirements, and are ready for review.


View Services: Sven Böhme (WMS) and Ilkka Rinne (WMTS)

Sven has been working with the WMS tests, and is eager to have some feedback on some of the issues (marked with "help wanted"). He still needs to move the test text from the issues to Markdown files in the repository. Sven can use about 1-2 days for this task before the 10th February, but this is probably too little for completing all tests needed to cover all 73 TG requirements for the WMS profile. It was difficult to estimate how far he could get, as some of the TG requirements cannot be automatically tested.

Ilkka reported that he has copied the OGC WMTS 1.0.0 tests into the WMTS ATS repository as separate files to be referred-to more easily from other requirements. He has also written comprehensive test algorithms for two of the 9 identified additional INSPIRE WMTS profile tests. He still has about one more working day to use for the ATS drafting. Ilkka estimated that he will be able to finish the 9 tests by 10th February.

There was discussion on whether copying the OGC tests into the Github repository is useful or not. The end result of the discussion was that copying them is not bery useful. Angelo also presented a technique for creating HTTP links pointing to specific chapter of the web versions OGC standards hosted in the JRC web server. This technique can be used for referring to specific ATS tests within the OGC standard documents.


2. Final goals for the ATS drafting work

Which test suites can we complete by the end of the assignment, keeping in mind that we decided that relative priority order was:

  1. Download Services,

  2. Metadata,

  3. View Services

  4. Discovery Services (if time allows)

Metadata ATS will be ready, the tests are currently waiting for the group member comments. View Services ATS is at risk of missing tests for some of the WMS TG requirements due to lack of work time compared to the number of the requirements. Discovery Services ATS will not be created within this project due to lack of time. The Download Services status will be clarified before the next status meeting.

Paul pointed out that embedding our work in the MIG work packages would be perhaps even more important than completing the ATS tests or writing a comprehensive final report. Also the versioning the test suites and other change management issues would need to be discussed and decided. Ilkka agreed that these were very important tasks to complete, and that at least the MIWP-5 group tasks were already pretty well linked into the results of the ATS work. The change management issue was also acknowledged as hihg priority task in the MIWP-5 task plan.


3. Experiences on the ATS test format and using Github

There have been no particular issues with the ATS syntax or using Github. The experiences have been good.


5. The final report

From the original task assignment (deliverable D3):

Report on the conclusions of the workshop containing at least sections on

  • Overview of the status metadata and NS conformance and validity in the Member States, including tools and methodologies used, best practices etc.
  • Exhaustive analysis of the metadata validation rules, identifying possible erroneous or alternative interpretations in the TG. This should result in a recommendation for a reference interpretation or in those cases where consensus cannot be reached, in a clear exposition of the alternative options.
  • Recommendation for testing the reference interpretations, e.g. in a formal, implementation independent description of the validation rules such as pseudo-code.

Ilkka will create a table of contents for the final report and ask for specific contributions from the group members as necessary.


6. Other business

Freddy Fierens asked if Ilkka had been in contact with Marcus Sen lately. Freddy had had problems in contacting him. The present group members had not been in contact with Marcus lately. 


7. Next status meeting

It was decided to have two more status meetings before the dead-line for finishing the project on 15th February. Ilkka will create Doodle polls for both meetings and send links to them by email.