MD+NS workshop group status meeting 2015-02-09

INSPIRE Validation MD & NS status meeting
Mon 9th Feb 2015 at 14:00 - 15:30 CET

Online at mig-sub-groups meeting room, see connection details.

Draft Minutes


  • Thijs Brentjens,
  • Sven Böhme,
  • Freddy Fierens,
  • Angelo Quaglia,
  • Ilkka Rinne (facilitator),
  • Michael Schultz,
  • Paul Van Genuchten,
  • Michael Östling

1. Status of the ATS drafting work

The current status of the drafted abstract tests was reviewed for each ATS.

Sven said that he would still be able to contribute some time for WMS ATS next week (week 8). It was not crucial for the completion of the work to make it to the final report, as he would in any case continue the work in MIWP-5 sub-group.

Thijs reported that 35 or the 43 tests for the Atom ATS are currently ready for review, 2 tests remain in unclear status.

For the Metadata ATS Paul reported the initial work as almost complete. There had been good dicussion in Github, and not many changes were expected by the final report deadl-line of 15th February.

Ilkka urged the expert to mark any issues with change TG requests to be suggested using "TG change suggested" tag in Github, and adding a comment with the statement of the suggested change for that TG requirement. He would include only those issues tagged on 11th Feb at noon for final report's suggested TG change list. Ilkka also said that he would create releases of the Github ATS repositories at that point to be referred as the final status of the group's accomplished work. Experts would still be encouraged to continue submitting their changes and additions also after this, as part of the (voluntary) work in the context of MIWP-5 sub-group.

2. Final report draft and commenting

Ilkka presented the draft version of the final report. Freddy commented that he would like see some kind of assessment the maturity of the ATS tests more clearly. It was decided that in the tables for the tests included in each ATS repository each test would be updated with one of the three status labels:

  • Draft: the writing is still not finished according to the author(s)
  • Ready for review: the test is ready to be presented to the MIWP-5 sub-group for comments
  • Final: the test is in final and accepted, either by the MIG or some external responsible party (like the OGC)

Paul brought up the issue of integration type tests, which was already discussed at the Ispra workshop in December 2014. For properly validating some of the TG requirements would need to crosscheck the linking of the metadata provided by several types of online services. This kind of tests would probably be best to be included in a separate ATS. Paul also noted that suggestions for the ATS/ETS change management process should be added into the final report. He agreed to create a draft version of the included text.

Freddy noted that member states have requested guidance on all requirements they need to implement, including the INSPIRE Implementing Rules on the Interoperability of Spatial Datasets and Services (Commission Regulation (EU) No 1089/2010) and in the Data Specifications Technical Guidelines for the Annex I-III spatial data themes. These requirements have a different implementation deadlines than the other Metadata requirements. Based on suggestions by Michael Östling and Paul it was also decided the a separate ATS would be created for the requirements. Ilkka will create the new repository "ats-interoperability-metadata" in Github.

Michael Östling told that he would send the info to the MIWP-8 group that the final report would be available and request any comments.

3. Ending the contracted project

Ilkka presented the list of the MIWP-5 sub-group tasks corresponding to the unfinished activities of the group:

  • The change management process: MIWP-5 task 2.1, responsible: Peter Parslow(?)
  • Evaluating existing validation tools: MIWP-5 task 2.4
  • Metadata ATS finalisation: MIWP-5 task 3.1.1, responsible: Someone from EEA
  • Writing Discovery Service (CSW) ATS: MIWP-5 task 3.2.1 (low priority)
  • WMS and WMTS ATS finalisation: MIWP5 task 3.3.1, responsible: Sven Böhme
  • Finalisation of Atom, writing WFS predefined and WFS direct access ATSes: MIWP-5 task 3.4.1

Freddy Fierens told that the contracted experts need to present some kind of statement of the work accomplished when sending the request for reimbursement. For the facilitator, the work has been demonstrated through the meeting organising and with the final report to be delivered. The form provided with the contract (Annex 3) should be used for making the reimbursement requests.

4. Any other business

Ilkka told that there would be special INSPIRE confromity session in the next OGC TC/PC meeting on 11th March in Barcelona (see tentative session agenda. Neither Michael Lutz or Carlo Cipolloni is available for presenting the MIWP-5 activities and status. Michael Lutz had asked if any of the expert group members would be going to the meeting and willing to present the group's work there.

The Director of the OGC Compliance Programme Luis Bermudez had confirmed that the session would be open also for non-OGC members, and that there would be possibility to join and present also remotely. Paul was not sure if he would be attending the OGC meeting, but would at least be available for joining remotely. Ilkka agreed to present the group results remotely if no-one else could make it to present on the spot. Michael Schultz noted that the OGC people are probably most interested in the OGC standards use in the INSPIRE context, so it should probably be the main focus of the presentation.

As this was the last meeting of the expert group, Ilkka thanked all the participants for the good work and hoped to meet as many as possible in the context of the future MIWP-5 work.

draft-final-report_validation-conformance-testing-workshop-group.pdf - DRAFT final report (229 KB) Ilkka Rinne, 08 Feb 2015 09:55 pm

draft-final-report_validation-conformance-testing-workshop-group.doc - DRAFT final report (232 KB) Ilkka Rinne, 08 Feb 2015 09:55 pm