MD+NS workshop kick-off

INSPIRE Validation & conformance testing workshop
Preparations & reporting virtual kick-off meeting

Thursday 20th November 2014 at 10:00 EET (9:00 CET) in Skype

Note 1: Please send a Skype contact request to Ilkka Rinne (Skype name "ilkka.o.rinne") ASAP so he will be able to send you an invitation to join the meeting.

Note 2: Connection/audio/video testing session on Wed 19th Nov at 10:00-10:30 EET. Send a Skype message to Ilkka of you wish to join the testing session.

Proposed agenda

1. Approving the kick-off agenda

2. Quick introductions

3. Status of the expert contracts and administrative matters

4. Agreeing of the best approach for using the Ispra workshop time

  • Confirmation of the time and place
  • Participants
  • Draft agenda for the workshop (this will change)
  • The most important thing: going through the requirements (maybe not all), and taking down validation rules we can agree on, and also the immediately problematic ones to validate.
  • Suggestion: focus on the ATS level of the validation rules
  • Suggestion: move the discussion on the languages and execution of the ETS level rules to the end of the workshop (to be handled only if the time permits)

5. Agreeing on the preparatory work for the Ispra workshop

  • Maybe we should choose just the MD, Atom download service and one of the OGC specification based profiles at first?
  • Think of ways of getting from other member states than Germany, France, UK and Netherlands? Probably only after the workshop?
  • Suggestion: postpone the writing work for the overview chapters of national INSPIRE validation methods and tools (to be included in the final report) to a time after the workshop
  • Preparing presentations for the workshop: What would we need? What do we have time for?

6. Discussion on the task assignment for preparatory work & reporting

The following amounts of work have initially been offered by each of the selected experts:

  • 5 days of preparation preparing the input for the workshop
  • 2.5 days of workshop participation including travel time.
  • 0.5 days of review of the final report.

As the facilitator Ilkka Rinne has initially offered the following:

  • 1 day for the virtual kick-off meeting including preparation
  • 3.5 days of workshop preparation and chairing including travel time.
  • 3.5 days for compiling the final report, including a review cycle with the experts.

However, the expert contracts have not been signed yet because of administrative delays. This would mean that we cannot automatically expect the experts to use as much (if any) of their working time for this work before the workshop.

Proposal: We use the MIWP-5 Redmine issue tracker for the task management.

7. Any other business

DRAFT Minutes

Meeting was moved into Adobe Connect platform after connection & installation problems with Skype and
The meeting started at JRC:s Adobe Connect virtual room on 20th November at 9:25 CET.

  • Sven Böhme (Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy, Germany),
  • Thijs Brentjens (Geonovum, the Netherlands),
  • Carlo Cipollini (ISPRA/Geological Survey of Italy, from item 4 onwards),
  • Freddy Fierens (JRC),
  • Sebastian Goerke (lat/lon GmbH),
  • Michael Lutz (JRC),
  • Ilkka Rinne (Spatineo, facilitator),
  • Marcus Sen (British Geological Survey, UK),
  • Etienne Taffoureau (BRGM, France, from item 3 onwards),
  • Paul Van Genuchten (Geocat).

1. Approving the kick-off agenda

The proposed agenda was approved.

2. Quick introductions

Sven, Thijs, Marcus, Paul and Ilkka introduced themselves.

3. Status of the expert contracts and administrative matters

Freddy Fierens gave a briefing on the situation of the expert contracts for the selected experts. Due to delays in the administrative schedules and to the fact that none of the experts were previously added to the Commission contract systems. It looks like the contracts would be ready from the JRC side in early December, and in any case not before the workshop in Ispra. The experts cannot formally be asked to commit any preparatory work for the workshop before the contracts have been signed. The foreseen total amount of work to be contracted from each expert is 11 workdays, the details of the contracts will be provided later. [Action]: Freddy Fierens will work with the administration people in preparing the contracts.

Because of the delay, the foreseen deadline for the deliverables of the contracted work will most likely be postponed to early 2015. It's however most welcome for the experts to work with the workshop preparations according to their capabilities, if they decide to do so. At the end of the contract, the experts are only obligated to state that they have provided the deliverables, so as long as the work is done as agreed within the time limits of the contract, the timing of the individual tasks executed is not relevant to report.

Sven, Paul, Thijs, Etienne and Marcus all told that they had reserved some time in their working schedules for the workshop preparations for the current week (47) and the next week (48), and that they had no problem contributing the the workshop preparations within these limits even though the contracts have are not yet signed.

4. Agreeing of the best approach for using the Ispra workshop time

Ilkka proposed that the focus of the workshop should be in going through the proposed validation rules in the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines for metadata and network services. He also proposed that due to the limited available preparation time the group should focus in just part of all the requirements at this point, namely the ones contained in the TG metadata document, the WMS (ISO 19128) profile and the predefined Atom download service conformance class. Ilkka also proposed that in this initial phase the discussion should be on the level of the Abstract Test Suites (ATS), and not yet in the technical implementations of the executable validation rules (ETS). It was agreed that limiting the focus in this fashion was a good idea.

It was agreed that the schedule of the Ispra workshop should mainly consist of discussing and group working to find the ATS level, natural language descriptions for the TG requirements for metadata, WMS and Atom. This work will be based on the information provided by the experts using the web questionnaires during the weeks 47 and 48. These web questionnaires had been prepared by Ilkka, and the links to them made available in the MWIP-5 Redmine wiki for the kick-off meeeting (

It was decided that the there will be time reserved for discussions about the technical implementations of the executable test suites for agreed ATS validation rules at the end to the workshop, but these issues will only be discussed if there will be time to do so after dealing with the ATS level validation rules.

[Action]: Ilkka will work with Michael and Freddy to revise the draft workshop agenda to reflect these decisions.

5. Agreeing on the preparatory work for the Ispra workshop

[Action]: It was agreed that each of the selected experts fill in the web questionnaires for metadata, WMS and Atom before the workshop. It was proposed that the following items/functionalities would be added to the questionnaires:

  • Information about the possible software license applied for the provided validation rules. Existing validations rules implemented using Schematron or other programming languages are part of the software code of the validator implementations, the thus may be published under a specific software licenses limiting their use for other software products with conflicting licensing rules.
  • Freddy Fierens raised a point about the criticality for fulfilling the requirements: Some TG requirements are seen as more important than others for evaluating the INSPIRE conformance. These priorities are not currently expressed in the TG documents however: all the TG requirements are mandatory and have equal weight in validation. Information about the criticality of the existing requirements would be a useful input the further MIG work in improving the TG requirement categories and revising the requirement content.
  • It should be made simple to fill the form in parts: The URL for editing submitted answers is given only after filling all the mandatory questions. Michael Lutz proposed that none of the questions would be mandatory so that the experts could quickly submit an empty or only partly filled questionnaire and add the remaining answers later.

[Action]: Ilkka will make the requested changes to the web questionnaire forms.

6. Discussion on the task assignment for preparatory work & reporting

It was agreed to use the MIWP-5 Redmine workspace issue management functionality for managing and reporting the progress of workshop related tasks. Ilkka has already created a number of issues there regarding the creating and filling questionnaires, as well as some other workshop preparation activities.

[Action]: Ilkka will see to it that all experts have a necessary privileges for using the issue management tools for assigning the tasks and reporting on their status and progress.

7. Any other business

Freddy Fierens confirmed that the dates of the Ispra workshop have been confirmed to be the 2nd and the 3rd of December 2014. Experts should receive the official invitation letters very soon, and should refrain from making any travel reservations before receiving the invitations.

The meeting was closed at 11:16 CET


Actions are indicated in the minutes using the keyword [Action] and are summarised in the table below.

No. Action Redmine issue Responsible Due Done
1 Prepare the expert contracts Freddy Fierens early December
2 Revise the workshop agenda Ilkka Rinne 27/11
3 Fill the questionnaire for TG metadata Sven Böhme, Thijs Brentjens, Marcus Sen, Etinenne Taffoureau, Paul Van Genuchten, Sebastian Goerke(?), Angelo Quaglia(?) 1/12
4 Fill the questionnaire for TG View Services WMS profile Sven Böhme, Thijs Brentjens, Marcus Sen, Etinenne Taffoureau, Paul Van Genuchten, Sebastian Goerke(?), Angelo Quaglia(?) 1/12
5 Fill the questionnaire for TG Download Services Atom conformance class Sven Böhme, Thijs Brentjens, Marcus Sen, Etinenne Taffoureau, Paul Van Genuchten, Sebastian Goerke(?), Angelo Quaglia(?) 1/12
6 Make the agreed adjustments for the questionnaires Ilkka Rinne 21/11 yes
7 Request Redmine privileges for issue management Ilkka Rinne 21/11 yes