Overview about existing validation tools and solutions

Existing Tool / Solution Contact Point Status License Source Multilingual Test Engine Test Language API Metadata validation Discovery Service validation View Service validation Download Service validation Data specification validation Spatial Data Service validation Quality of service validation Docs
GDI-DE Testsuite support(at)gdi-de.org Operational Mozilla Public License 1.1   X (de, en) TEAM Engine CTL, (TestNG) X X X X (based on WMS 1.1.1 and WMS 1.3.0) X (Atom Feed)     X Presentation 15/5/14
INSPIRE Geoportal Pilot validator inspire-geoportal(at)jrc.ec.europa.eu Operational European Public License   English ( Czech and Slovak under development)   XSLT, Java X X X (Capabilities) X (Capabilities) X (Capabilities)   Beta

Initial Response Time,

Transfer Rate

Geoportal validator 2

INSPIRE Geoportal procurement validator freddy.fierens@jrc.ec.europa.eu In development EUPL, LGPL   X   INSPIRE Geoportal procurement validator   X X X X   X   To be published Q3-4 2015
Géocatalogue - metadata validation service   Operational         Schematron   X              
Polish metadata validation service   Operational         C#   X             Presentation 15/5/14
Spanish NSDI (IDEE)
Metadata and Services Validator
fjlopez@unizar.es Prototype     X (es, en) Test execution toolCucumber (JVM version) + Web frontend

ATS: Specs writen in Gherkin in Spanish and English

ETS: ATS + adaptor code written in Java

Planned   X X (based on WMS 1.3.0)        

FJ. Lopez-Pellicer, MA Latre, J Nogueras-Iso, J
Barrera and FJ Zarazaga-Soria (2014 )Behaviour-driven development applied to the
conformance testing of INSPIRE Web services
, AGILE 2014

  Schematron   X             Presentation 15/5/14
Spanish NSDI (IDEE)
Metadata Validator
idee(at)fomento.es Operational     X (es, en)   Schematron   X             Presentation 15/5/14
ELF test framework (former ESDIN test framework) t.brentjens(at)geonovum.nl Under development BSD license (?)     SoapUI Java WIP     X X X   X ESDIN Deliverables
Spatineo Monitor info@spatineo.com Operational Commercial   X (fi, en, fr, de)   Java       X (Capabilities)       X Presentation 15/5/14
NeoGeo contact(at)neogeo-online.net Operational GPL               X (Capabilities?)         https://github.com/neogeo-technologies/inspire_tester
Geonovum Validation Tools i.devisser(at)geonovum.nl (Metadata), I.vandenbrink(at)geonovum.nl (Data specifications) Operational (?)       partly based on SoapUI (see ELF test framework) Schematron   X (based on dutch profile)   X X X   X (View Service) Presentation 15/5/14
eENVplus Validation Service g.martirano(at)epsilon-italia.it Pilot       TEAM Engine CTL, Schematron           X     Presentation 15/5/14
WebTest   ?         Schematron, XSLT   X           X


UK Metadata Validation IST36Secretariat (at) agi.org.uk Operational UK Open Government Licence       Schematron   X            

Technical Documentation

GeoNetwork paul.vangenuchten(at)geocat.net, fx.prunayre(at)gmail.com Operational GPL   X Saxon Schematron   X             Technical Documentation
Romanian NSDI metadata validaton service



Operational     X(ro, en)   Java   X              
FOSS4G WMS Benchmark http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/benchmarking Operational CC-SA ? project files   JMeter JMeter Spec File      


(QoS only)

      Response time in different scenarios of WMS  
Open Web Service benchmark gregory.giuliani@unige.ch and pierre.lacroix@unige.ch Research       JMeter JMeter Spec File        


(QoS only)

    Exended FOSS4G Benchmark to WFS and WCS

G. Giuliani, A. Dubois, and P. Lacroix, “Testing OGC Web Feature and Coverage Service performance: Towards efficient delivery of geospatial data,” Journal of Spatial Information Science, no. 7, pp. 1–23, Dec. 2013.

?ezník, Chudý & Mi?ietová (2015) tomas.reznik@sci.muni.cz Research       JMeter JMeter Spec File    


(some aspects)

        Response time and throughput CSW T. Reznik, R. Chudý, and E. Mi?ietová, “Normalized evaluation of the performance, capacity and availability of catalogue services: a pilot study based on INfrastruture for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe,” IJDE, pp. 1–17, Mar. 2015.
ENVISION OWSAutoTest Dumitru.Roman@sintef.no Down but code available       OWS autotest tool based on TEAM Engine  CTL     CSW version 2.0.1, 2.0.2    WCS version 1.0.0, 1.1.1 WFS version 1.1.0       Deliverable D2.6: Results of validation, verification, and testing of the ENVISION platform
Metadatavalidator (Geonorge) post@norgedigitalt.no Operational Not specified GitHub No INSPIRE Geoportal Metadata Validator as WS Yes      


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