Virtual kick-off Meeting MIG temporary sub-group on Validation and conformity testing

12 December 2014

Proposed Agenda 10:00 -12:00 (CET)

virtual connection detail

10:00 - 10:20 Welcome and Round Table
(all the attenders should introduce oneself and declare, which are own topics: Metadata, Network Service, Data, Spatial Data Service, all)

  • In the list of experts we need to identify for each one, which topic wants cover

10:20 - 10:35 MIWP-5 Overview (Carlo Cipolloni)

  • Which are the Task and sub-task
  • General information
  • What has been done?

10:35 - 10:45 MIWP-5 new work plan (Carlo Cipolloni)

  • The general schema reformulate after first phase

10:45 – 11:00 Summary of Workshop on validation of MD+NS (Ilkka Rinne)

  • A summary of activity has been done by a specific expert group on validation of MD+NS
  • Next steps

11:00 - 11:45 Work plan and activities discussion (Michael Lutz)
(who is involved in each task and sub-task, who will lead the task and sub-task, any suggestions or modification)

  • Starting from the overview and the work program annex to the ToR we need to identify: who works in each sub-task, who lead each activity, the general working method, suggestions or modification proposed

11:45 - 12:00 Next Virtual Meeting and AoB (Carlo Cipolloni/Michael Lutz)

  • Next virtual meeting plan



The meeting is started with Carlo that lead the WP5 that has introduced the agenda of virtual meeting and than asked to all the participants to make a short presentation of himself with specific focus on the 4 topics address by WP (metadata, network service, data and Spatial data service).
After a round table Carlo has presented the Validation and Conformity testing overview showing the three task and the sub-task within each one; the correlation between Wp5 and other MIG WP, the resources allocated for this activity and than the general overview of work plan re-designed after ToR has been approved. The presentation has been highlited also which are the activities that are started preliminary and/or in place.

Chris & Darja (EEA): WP19? This would be controlled vocabolaries and isn't endorsed yet
Michael Lutz: MIWP-4 is also relevant for data!
Michael Lutz: +1 to EEA: For the time being there is no activity planned for MIWP-19 and also MIWP-18
Michael Lutz: I think the main relationships/potential overlaps are with MIWP-8, MIWP-14 and MIWP-7
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: +1 to Michael

After that Carlo has presented in detail the work plan of each task and sub-task.

Chris & Darja (EEA): Is the collection of existing validation tools already available?
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: For me 2.2 is not finished now, we have no documentation yet.
Michael Lutz: There are a few examples on the wiki at
Michael Lutz: but this would need to be completed
Carlo Cipolloni: remarks that the activity rather the plan is finished but in reality is still open till the end of WP5 activity.
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: I agree.
Tim Duffy (UK): Daniela add them to this page?
Tim Duffy (UK): It's just there are three of the existign solutiions there already but yes the German cite based tool is not there currently?
Michael Lutz: Daniela, we can also provide a JRC report related to existing solutions for data validation
Paul van Genuchten (GeoNetwork): +1 michael, additional columns: license, multilingual yes/no,
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: I will make a first draft in January and then ask you all for feedback.

After the general WP overview Carlo has asked to Ilkka Rinne that is the facilitator of specific expert group recruited to write first version of Abstract Tests for INSPIRE Metadata and Network Service Technical Guidance document, to present a summary of Workshop and group activities developed till now.

Iurie Maxim: Ilkka: We identified all the requirements and all recomandations  for MD that can be validated automaticaly, including parts of recomandations/requirments.
Paul van Genuchten (GeoNetwork): in the view service we can verify if styles are available from the data-specs, to see if they are correctly implemented is difficult
Iurie Maxim: we tested as well all of them.
Iurie Maxim: we analised as well at the German validator.
Michael Lutz: As Ilkka said, we used some funding we still had available this year to fund this activity whose results should kikc-start the work in MIWP-5

The last part of the meeting moderated by Michael Lutz has taken in account who wants participate to each sub-task and who wants lead sub-task, if any.
Task 1.1 is closed because it's related to definition of Scope and ToR of WP.
Task 1.2
Chris & Darja (EEA): We participate in  1.2
Ilkka Rinne (Spatineo): Ilkka: 1.2
Giacomo Martirano (IT): Interested in 1.2
Tim Duffy (UK): yes add Peter Parslow
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: We like to participate in 1.2
Tim Duffy (UK): no - he implied this
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: Peter already volunteer in Aalborg
Task 1.3
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: Priority of 1.3.1 is low
Giacomo Martirano (IT): When 1.3 will start, I'd like to participate
Task 1.4
Task 2.1, Task 2.2
Ilkka Rinne (Spatineo): 2.1
Paul van Genuchten (GeoNetwork): put me in for 2.1
Iurie Maxim: 2.1 and 2.2
Markus Seifert: 2.1 (for data only)
Antonio Rotundo (IT): I'm interested in 2.1 (above all for metadata)
Chris & Darja (EEA): Chris for EEA
Pawe? Soczewski (PL): 2.1, 2.2
Stefania Morrone: I'm interested in 2.1
Alberto Belussi (IT): 2.1 for data only
Chris & Darja (EEA): EEA for 2.1 and 2.2 on data and metadata
Paul van Genuchten (GeoNetwork): 2.2
Ilkka Rinne (Spatineo): 2.2
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: only Sven for 2.2
Markus Seifert: 2.2
Michael Lutz: JRC for 2.1 and 2.2
Francisco J Lopez (ES): Lopez for 2.2
Alberto Belussi (IT): Alberto for 2.1 only data
Daniel Cocanu (Ro): 2.2
Antonio Rotundo (IT): 2.2
Tim Duffy (UK): I thought we were working towards a an agreed set of rules - that would be implemented by at least one important validator - the INSPIRE Geoportal validator
Task 2.3
Paul van Genuchten (GeoNetwork): 2.3
Markus Seifert: 2.3
Chris & Darja (EEA): 2.3 eea
Mig-Sub -Groups 2: JRC 2.3 (input from geoportal and data validation report)
Tim Duffy (UK): add Tim to 2.3 please
Francisco J Lopez (ES): 2.3
Task 2.4
Markus Seifert: 2.4
Chris & Darja (EEA): 2.4
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: 2.4 (Sven)
Francisco J Lopez (ES): add me to 2.4
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: 2.4 should be the persons responsible for the existing solutions?
Iurie Maxim: API or Service
Task 2.5
Michael Lutz ask to Carlo to add in 2.5. Agreement on the high-level archictecture (e.g. API/service vs. library)
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: 2.5 Daniela + Sven
Michael Lutz: JRC for 2.5
Iurie Maxim: 2.5
Markus Seifert: 2.5
Francisco J Lopez (ES): add me to 2.5 provisionally
Daniel Cocanu (Ro): 2.5
Task 3.1
Daniel Cocanu (Ro): 3.1
Michael Östling (SE): Task 3.1
Francisco J Lopez (ES): I should to leave to class to. I guess that Alejandra Sanchez is interested in participate in 3.1 tasks, but I cannot confirm
Paul van Genuchten (GeoNetwork): 3.1.1
Antonio Rotundo (IT): 3.1.1
Chris & Darja (EEA): Chris for 3.1
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: 3.1
Antonio Rotundo (IT): 3.1.2
Task 3.4
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: 3.4
Task 3.5
Markus Seifert: 3.5
Giacomo Martirano (IT): 3.5
Stefania Morrone: 3.5
Alberto Belussi (IT): Alberto 3.5
Iurie Maxim: 3.5
Chris & Darja (EEA): EEA for 3.5
Michael Östling (SE): Task 3.1 to 3.4 (for the reqs related to metadat)
Ilkka Rinne (Spatineo): Carlo: will you be sending this sheet by email, and also the Doodle for the next meeting
Tim Duffy (UK): What does 'develop test-suite' really mean - define a specification for a piece of software or write that software?
Giacomo Martirano (IT): I would say "develop the sw"
Tim Duffy (UK): Yu are rioting the protected sites test-suite in your project  Giacomo?
Tim Duffy (UK): obviously don't ask me to write anything I can't even type...
Daniela Hogrebe, Sven Böhme: Giacomo, I would say that just the ETS documents are the output, not the software
Michael Lutz: 7.    The physical and intellectual products generated by the members of the temporary sub-group under these terms of reference will remain the property of the Commission. Any published deliverable or paper will acknowledge the authorship and other contributions of the members of the temporary sub-group. Such deliverables or papers will be made available in accordance with the European Commission Decision of 12 December 2011 on re-use of Commission documents, without restrictions on access and re-use for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
Task 3.5 discussion:
Chris & Darja (EEA): EEA is strongly interested in Data Specs Validation
Antonio Rotundo (IT): +1 to Chris & Darja and +1 to Giacomo
Markus Seifert: I am interested in data testing
Pawe? Soczewski (PL): I too
Iurie Maxim: me too
Giacomo Martirano (IT): I'm interested in the discussion. Nto sure if schemtraron aspects are related only to DS
Alberto Belussi (IT): I am interested in INSPIRE dataset testing
Tim Duffy (UK): +1
Chris & Darja (EEA): +1

Some Actions:
Carlo will charge the TASK tables in google drive and sand out to WP5 participants the link to fill the interest in each sub-task and sand in the same email the references of minute. He will sand also a remarks on the licensing to all the people about the use of documents and work done in the MIG activity, if there is someone is not accepted.


ListExpertMIWP5.xlsx - List of expert of MIWP-5 (62.2 KB) Carlo Cipolloni, 09 Dec 2014 04:31 pm

dec-workshop-overview_miwp-5_kickoff.pdf - Summary of Workshop on validation of MD+NS (Ilkka Rinne) (75.3 KB) Ilkka Rinne, 12 Dec 2014 09:30 am