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Toggle_check # Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Author Tracker
2861NewNormalThemes for which no other modelling option than coverages are possible13 Oct 2016 02:00 pmJames PassmoreDiscussion
2778NewNormalCoverage examples from FMI WFS20 May 2016 08:53 amMikko VisaDiscussion
2764FeedbackNormalCIS 1.1 vs. GMLCOV xml schemasJames Passmore30 Apr 2016 06:39 pmMichael LutzDiscussion
2761NewNormalWCS language negotiation with special value "*"26 Apr 2016 12:13 pmMikko VisaDiscussion
2760FeedbackNormalCoverage implementation modelMichael Lutz26 Apr 2016 10:15 amMichael LutzDiscussion
2711Work in progressNormalProgressing the tasks of the work group (document 2)28 Apr 2016 02:03 pmJames PassmoreTask
2689NewNormalWhat is required for a Describe Spatial Data Set response11 Feb 2016 01:33 pmJames PassmoreDiscussion
2683AssignedHighFeedback on v0.7 of the WCS-based download service TGJames Passmore22 Feb 2016 07:44 pmMichael LutzDiscussion
2682NewNormalPredefined (datasets) or not Predefined that is the question05 Feb 2016 03:19 pmJames PassmoreDiscussion
2681AssignedNormalSpatial data set vs. spatial objectJames Passmore15 Feb 2016 12:00 pmMichael LutzDiscussion
2680NewNormalRequirements for download services with respect Spatial Object Types specified in Regulation (EU) No 1089/201004 Feb 2016 05:32 pmJames PassmoreDiscussion
2628FeedbackNormalHow to map the language parameter for the download services operations?James Passmore01 Dec 2015 05:16 pmMichael LutzDiscussion
2627NewNormalTG for DLS using WCS: Language considerations27 Nov 2015 03:39 pmJames PassmoreDiscussion
2625NewNormalTG for DLS using WCS: Should we align with ISO and mandate HTTP POST (not HTTP GET)27 Nov 2015 02:52 pmJames PassmoreDiscussion
2623NewNormalTG for DLS using WCS (generic sections to cull or slash): INSPIRE Download Services26 Nov 2015 07:05 pmJames PassmoreDiscussion
2622FeedbackNormalTG for DLS using WCS (generic sections to cull or slash): Quality of Service04 Dec 2015 02:39 pmJames PassmoreDiscussion
2620NewNormalOrthophoto mosaic - One coverage of 10500 coverages?30 Nov 2015 07:48 pmJukka RahkonenDiscussion
2609FeedbackNormalHow to map the Get Spatial Data Set operation to WCS (pre-defined data set download service)James Passmore30 Nov 2015 05:01 pmMichael LutzDiscussion
2599FeedbackNormalQoS: GetCoverage output size25 Nov 2015 06:41 pmJari ReiniDiscussion
2598FeedbackNormalFormat support26 Nov 2015 03:43 pmJari ReiniDiscussion
2514NewNormalImpact of the OGC CIS 1.1?30 Nov 2015 07:55 pmIlkka RinneDiscussion


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