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08 May 2017

08:50 am MIG-T Task #2981: Collect approaches for identifying open data (and other categories of data) in nation...

In our catalog we use a Swedish keyword for Open Data.

We have a Tesaurus called Intiativ, one of the Initiativs i...

28 Feb 2017

01:00 pm MIG-T Call for participation #2911: Nomination of submitting organisations for the central INSPIRE regi...


Submitting Organisation: Lantmäteriet
Contact person(s): Britt-Marie Johansson
Contact e-mail(s):Bri...

26 Oct 2016

04:05 pm MIG-T Consultation #2853: Draft Technical Guidelines & Best Practices for INSPIRE registers and registries

Dear all,

Enclosed is the Swedish input

[ ] We agree to submitting the proposed document to the MIG-P...

25 May 2016

03:39 pm MIG-T Consultation #2741: INSPIRE maintenance and implementation work programme (MIWP) 2016-2020

Dear all, here are some comments from Sweden (MIG-P and MIG-T)

04 May 2016

01:08 pm MIG-T Consultation #2753: Updated TG for Metadata (v2.0rc2)

[ ] We agree to submitting the proposed TG to the MIG-P for endorsement
[X] We agree to sub...

12 Apr 2016

09:15 am MIG-T Consultation #2738: Draft TG for WCS-based download services

From Sweden:

[X] We agree to submitting the proposed TG to the MIG-P for endorsement
[ ] We agree to submitt...

08 Apr 2016

02:20 pm MIG-T Consultation #2739: Quality/completeness check of the Proposal for changes to TG / inconsistencie...

Here are few proposals that already been sent to Robert, see comments in the attached document

18 Mar 2016

04:16 pm MIG Consultation #2692: Updated Technical Guidelines for Spatial Data Services

[ ] We endorse the proposed update to the TG for SDS
[X ] We endorse the proposed update to the TG for SDS&...

14 Mar 2016

05:49 pm MIWP-8: Metadata Consultation #2708: Feedback on draft Metadata TG v2.0 - structure & conformance classes 1 and 3 ...

Here is an input from my colleague who is our metadata expert:

"I agree with previous comments from (270...

09 Mar 2016

09:29 am MIG Consultation #2685: Abstract Test Suites (ATSs) for metadata, discovery services, view services (...

A few comments from Sweden

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