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01 Mar 2018

04:38 pm MIG Consultation #3064: Proposed alternative encoding and other reference material for action 2017.2

Title:  Proposal for simplification of Inspire
Description: This is a document developed by three Swedish s...

30 Oct 2017

02:56 pm MIG-T Discussion #3025: Usage of data set series in INSPIRE implementation and metadata

Are there any guidelines or common practices for the use of data set series in your countries?



13 Oct 2017

02:07 pm MIG Call for participation #3012: MIWP 2017.4: MIG temporary sub-group on Validation and conformity t...

Name: Michael Östling


 Affiliation: Lantmäteriet, Swede...

09 Oct 2017

05:23 pm Central INSPIRE registers and register federation Registry change proposal #3008: Missing codelist quality of service criteria

We are working on Swedish TG for Inspire Metadata TG 2.0 and are also implementation this right now.
But we can chan...

08 May 2017

08:50 am MIG-T Task #2981: Collect approaches for identifying open data (and other categories of data) in nation...

In our catalog we use a Swedish keyword for Open Data.

We have a Tesaurus called Intiativ, one of the Initiativs i...

28 Feb 2017

01:00 pm MIG-T Call for participation #2911: Nomination of submitting organisations for the central INSPIRE regi...


Submitting Organisation: Lantmäteriet
Contact person(s): Britt-Marie Johansson
Contact e-mail(s):Bri...

26 Oct 2016

04:05 pm MIG-T Consultation #2853: Draft Technical Guidelines & Best Practices for INSPIRE registers and registries

Dear all,

Enclosed is the Swedish input

[ ] We agree to submitting the proposed document to the MIG-P...

25 May 2016

03:39 pm MIG-T Consultation #2741: INSPIRE maintenance and implementation work programme (MIWP) 2016-2020

Dear all, here are some comments from Sweden (MIG-P and MIG-T)

04 May 2016

01:08 pm MIG-T Consultation #2753: Updated TG for Metadata (v2.0rc2)

[ ] We agree to submitting the proposed TG to the MIG-P for endorsement
[X] We agree to sub...

12 Apr 2016

09:15 am MIG-T Consultation #2738: Draft TG for WCS-based download services

From Sweden:

[X] We agree to submitting the proposed TG to the MIG-P for endorsement
[ ] We agree to submitt...

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