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04 Oct 2017

03:43 pm Central INSPIRE registers and register federation Registry change proposal #3008: Missing codelist quality of service criteria

In Italy we don’t use and implemented yet, but we are in progress to integrate next year.

In generally we su...

31 May 2017

06:43 pm MIG-T Task #2981: Collect approaches for identifying open data (and other categories of data) in nation...


Category of data identified: Open data

We use Metadata element Keywords Like example:


24 Feb 2017

08:06 am MIG-T Call for participation #2910: Control body for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register...

Name: Carlo Cipolloni
Affiliation: ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezi...

08:04 am MIG-T Call for participation #2911: Nomination of submitting organisations for the central INSPIRE regi...


Submitting Organisation: AgID (Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale) 
Contact person(s): Gabriele Ciasul...

27 Oct 2016

11:55 pm MIG-T Consultation #2853: Draft Technical Guidelines & Best Practices for INSPIRE registers and registries

Dear Michael,

From the Italy:

[ ] We agree to submitting the proposed Technical Guidelines & Best Practices...

22 Sep 2016

11:07 am MIG-T Consultation #2825: Draft TGs for SOS-based download services & Usage of O&M and SWE in INSPIRE (...


[x] We agree to submitting the proposed TGs to the MIG-P for endorsement
[ ] We agree&...

26 May 2016

06:55 am MIG-T Task #2695: Propose eENVplus outcomes to be considered for re-use or further maintenance by the M...

We have started to identify with eENVplus partners what is better to document in the Are3na platform, the first compo...

06:51 am MIG-T Consultation #2773: Proposed new MIG Actions for the WP 2016-2020

Dear All,

here are attached some small Italy comments to MIG new actions that we (ITA) totally support.


06:32 am MIG-T Consultation #2741: INSPIRE maintenance and implementation work programme (MIWP) 2016-2020

Dear MIG-T collegues

I attach here some add elements produced with a shared work and vision with MIG-P collegues; ...

09 May 2016

12:32 am MIG-T Consultation #2753: Updated TG for Metadata (v2.0rc2)


[ ] We agree to submitting the proposed TG to the MIG-P for endorsement
[X] We agree&n...

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