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28 Sep 2017

05:52 pm Central INSPIRE registers and register federation Registry change proposal #3008: Missing codelist quality of service criteria


we go for solution 1, keeping the registry URI pattern is best. Also we don't use it yet in Portugal.


08 May 2017

04:29 pm MIG-T Task #2981: Collect approaches for identifying open data (and other categories of data) in nation...


Category of data identified: Open data 
    Metadata element used: 3. Keyword

27 Oct 2016

07:36 pm Geoportal Helpdesk Support #2869: Please respond: OGC CSW 2.0.2 Catalogue software implementation in use in National...

Hi Angelo.

Portugal: Esri Geoportal Server version 1.2.4

Best regards,

Henrique Silva

19 Sep 2016

11:59 am MIG-T Consultation #2825: Draft TGs for SOS-based download services & Usage of O&M and SWE in INSPIRE (...

Dear MIG-T colleagues,


[x] We agree to submitting the proposed TGs to the MIG-P for endorse...

12 May 2016

03:52 pm MIG-T Consultation #2753: Updated TG for Metadata (v2.0rc2)


[X] We agree to submitting the proposed TG to the MIG-P for endorsement
[ ] We agree...

16 Feb 2016

06:33 pm Geoportal Helpdesk Support #2693: PT -Direcção de Serviços de Geodesia e Informação Geográfica: Request for reharves...

Thanks a lot. As I said we have the agreement of PT entities to put the predefined keyword till the end of this year....

06:05 pm Geoportal Helpdesk Support #2338: PT -Direcção de Serviços de Geodesia e Informação Geográfica: Switch to the Nation...

Dear Angelo,
there is an agreement from PT entities to put all the INSPIRE metadata with the predefined keyword till...

27 Nov 2015

05:09 pm MIG-T Consultation #2610: Comments on proposals for SDS TG and discussion paper - before submission to ...

Country: Portugal

[X] We agree to submitting the proposed documents to MIG-P for review and endorsement, without c...

27 Mar 2015

05:15 pm MIWP-8: Metadata Bug #2399 (New): Resource Locator - URL with key-value parameters


I get a not well-formed xml file when the URL as key-value parametrs like 


05:01 pm MIWP-8: Metadata Bug #2398 (New): Resourve

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