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12 Dec 2019

03:01 pm Geoportal Helpdesk Support #3793 (Closed): MT: harvest not started

We have triggered a Harvest Process (Malta) on the 11th December 2019 but harvest has not been performed and status o...

15 Nov 2019

11:49 am Geoportal Helpdesk Support #3748 (Assigned): MT: Monitoring and reporting - spatial scope (national, regional) metad...

Dear INSPIRE Team,

The Malta indicator DSi1.5 (national tagging) in the Harvesting console indicator screen is onl...

05 Nov 2019

09:50 am Geoportal Helpdesk Support #3722 (Feedback): Monitoring and reporting - spatial scope (national, regional) metadata ...

As part of the new legal framework for monitoring and reporting we are implementing the  (national, regional) DS...

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